1. 10 ways to get yourself beat up in a real fight aikido is just about useless when it comes to fighting another person who it trained or experienced ( or just angry).

  2. Hard but beautiful!!!

    Sharing inspiration from my channel:
    how to use the bulb as a ball
    blow up 8 candles with one finger

  3. I'd seriously like to learn this unique self-defense discipline especially because we're not allowed to have weapons to protect ourselves from criminals in my country; we can't even use a darn brass knuckle.. Why is that so? Simply because those lowlifes are considered to be victims.. In other words, if you dare to either hurt or leave the slightest scratch on them, you'll surely be charged with attempted murder.. And what is much worse, the delinquent's relatives will gang up on you and your whole family for revenge (some of them would go as far as to set your house on fire or damage your property by throwing bricks at your place)..

  4. I like the idea of mixing Aikido, Boxing, and Parkour. It's like a huge dragon who is part work house, part bear, and part dragonfly. It uses throws, disarms, and restrains on most civilian opponents. It is graceful and evasive as a snake as it approaches. If it is in a real fight it's powerful fist are like a deadly sword. It can leap over obstinate like it is a work horse.

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