11 Unorthodox Aikido Joint Locks – The Aiki Dojo 2 Minute Technique #aikido #jointlocks #budo

The Aiki Dojo 2 Minute Technique – 11 Unorthodox Aikido Joint Locks

David Ito Sensei demonstrates some of the more unorthodox joint locks that aren’t so main stream. Generally joint locks or katame-waza (固め技) fall into two categories: osae-waza (押技) or pinning techniques or kansetsu-waza (関節技) or joint manipulations. Every Aikidoist should know a plethora of joint locks besides the kihon-waza (基本技) or basic techniques.

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  1. i hope you make video about revers kotegeashi and the different between this technique and kotegeashi and we need to know the Japanese name of all these technique

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