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  1. Im so damn happy to run across someone else that is just a no bullshit kinda guy. You speak real truth from real life real world first hand experience & knowledge.
    No Bullshit No candy coated fluff & pacifying fragile lil pussy feelings without being a total asshole about it. New fan here bud. Much Respect

  2. look u all should listen too SENSEI LENNY SLY…..why u ask because he knows what the fuck hes talking about now I have been a student of self-Defence for 51 years started when I was 12 years old……now I'm 63……look everybody is different some guys I know this is fact because ive seen these gentlemen in action…..one guy I know has 3 moves hes mastered……I know another guy he has only two moves hes mastered……and another guy I know has one move hes mastered……seneci sly is right a guy who is a fighter is not looking for any conflict……its always…..always the fucking bullies or the insecure asshole whos drunk……or its just some guy who THINKS……if he can beat u hes all of a sudden THE MAN……lol, me personally…..I don't fuck around if u come at me I'm going to put u DOWN PERIOD……I have 14 moves I have mastered I practice every fucking DAY !!!!!!!! FOR 30 MINITES…..I don't need too sparre with anyone why because I know what Iam DOING. look guys too be good at this it takes 3 things……NO FEAR…..HAVE GOOD FUNDLEMENTS …….AND PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE……for me when I face conflict I put them down quick……its not what u know……ITS WHAT U CAN DO WITH WHAT U KNOW…….get it……that's it !!!!…..LENNY SLY IS THE BEST TEACHER FOR THIS LISTEN TOO HIM…….I do hes one of the best ive ever seen !!!!!!!!!

  3. I like your YouTube it seems like you know a lot of what you're doing and seem like you're pretty good teacher and you mentioned other styles you have learned through your life may I ask what styles were they

  4. Is this an effective fighting system?? Well, that depends on how you train & apply these methods witch are in reality just concepts, potentials demonstrating a consistent form or philosophy of movement. Nothings golden, if you train right & apply what you know correctly then most systems are more effective than nothing.

  5. In the 1990's I took traditional Aikido. After that I took self defence from a retired Police Officer who called his style Aiki Jiu Jitso. He liked what I knew and helped me develop a self defence strategy by explaining to me what I was taught and how to apply it. You remind me of him. 🙂

  6. I will always remember watching my sensei (Francis Takahashi) do some very similar things to a local amateur boxer who had endless "well what if I do this" questions. This was after the formal training had ended and the boxer, who was in his late teens to early twenties, wanted to see Aikido practically applied. After winding up on his back about 20 times (probably more painful for him because he didn't know how to fall) he decided Aikido was "for real" and left.

  7. Excellent video, when uke shouts of pain aikido is working jajaja, you have to take de technique. Aikido is a beautiful art, but it has to improve. I have lot of problems with katatedori kokyu ho ura. I can´t make it work. Greetins from Buenos Aires, Argentina Sensei. Thanks! Great video!

  8. With experience comes response to where it flows naturally where you don't have to think about how to apply each technique. That's why we practice practice practice the same techinque over and over because we have to change the way we think in every situation… It's not bullshit because they have no idea what to expect.. and the videos out there with so called masters attempting something in the ring never shows any response or applied technique… The reason they are lableing it as Bullshit is because of the people who claim they are masters but haven't applied experience so they make it look bad… This is why they need teachers like you.

  9. Aikido is affective, the problem is that most Aikido Masters have not been in real life experiences so they have no idea what is coming.. but when you have the experience and you can literally decifer what is coming you act naturally… That's the difference between experience and then just knowing..

  10. Aikido isn't fake, but assumes a large skill gap and training methods tend to exaggerate the non- or silly responses to aikido technique.  Turn your back with a kokyu, untrained people who've been in a couple fights or roughhoused with their brothers will glom on to you and potentially drag you down.  People don't hold on to wrist grips and let you drag them all around.  BJJ and Judo are very similar arts, but with much different training methods – granted they are overly sport, but still better than non-reaction.  Example: if you consistently land your hip throw in no gi judo/bjj/wrestling/etc. against people with similar size opponents with up to 2yrs training, you have REAL confidence that it'll work in most situations.  Aikido allows beautiful technique that rarely forces it to work against someone scarred, startled and RESISTING.

  11. Sometimes I think the only way Aikido will stop getting a bad rap is for someone like you or some others that are very proficient to call out guys like Joe Rogan and get on the mat and show them it does work. There are hard and soft versions of Aikido. People see the demos and think it's BS. The demos are done that way to show the technic, to slow it down so you can see it better.

  12. You make an important point about the odds of facing a skilled opponent on the street. Another self defense system that I won't name did a study on violence and violent prisoners came away with this fact. The percentage of violent prisoners that have any martial arts training is …. wait for it….zero percent. What they DO have is a first hand understanding of violence and how it is best used. What that is to say is they know what to hit or stab in order to get the job done.

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