31 Replies to “A keto diet for beginners”

  1. I suffer from pcos very overweight want to loose weight. Can you please tell me if this would be suitable diet I could loose weight. Breakfast cinnamon in water bit of honey. 2 eggs or oats mix with water.
    Lunch 2 eggs apple. Dinner chicken piece and some veggies broccoli lettuce. Cinnamon drink

  2. The heavy weight loss is a bit off putting. I am interested as I have read that it is anti inflammatory but am worried about losing weight as it is correct for my height and preference. Anyone got observations through their experience?

  3. All of your resources are amazing! I had no idea they were free. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for truly living up to your commitment as a physician to helping people live healthy lives!

  4. Keto flu?….idk I'm just gonna stick to all natural diet…stop eating shit I'm not suppose to n eat what I'm suppose to n exercise…don't wanna take something with side effects n get sick

  5. Just wanna share my experience. In my opinion, losing weight is all about your diet! You can check out this lady’s blog, she incorporates detox drink and workout program together. Diet wise, she chooses intermittent fasting. I have been following her and I can see my body changing according to her theory on her detox tea. She’s good man, You can check her out at fitnessdunk (http://www.fitnessdunk.wordpress.com/)
    Hope this helps! Let me know if it works for you too.
    Learn how to detox and slim down within 14 days (https://fitnessdunk.wordpress.com/)

  6. Clicked on the video, then I heard this weird voice coming from someone that doesn't sound like the guy on the screen🤔. Then I started following the movement of his lips, then Bingo!😲 It's his real voice! Can you believe that? I didn't at first.

  7. Personally, I am not completely sold on the keto diet. Some say that its not all that healthy even though it can produce results in terms of weight loss. Thankfully I found a blog reviewing and explaining the pros and cons of many diets including keto – wp.me/pam2Gs-14

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