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  1. hmm Are you not the same asshole who has a video on here talking about how Aikido dont work in a streetfight cause your the bouncer from hell??? i will find that link and share it…

  2. Maybe to better demonstrate the point…get some one larger and stronger. In this demo could Mr. Flow not still have dominated the smaller guy? 🙂 W/o Aikido? 🙂

    Real life situations…rarely one on one…while dealing with one attacker his crew is around…you don't know who they are…and one pulls a knife and stabs you in the back. Rarely will they present the weapon and yell out HIYAAA!! :)) Then you do your Aikido stance or Karate stance…Go into Mr. Bean mode. 🙂

  3. The best Martial Art is one willing to adapted body and soul to the techniques. I have watched so many fake experts telling one is better than the other. You can remember the words of the Bible and recited over and over but you can understand the meaning and infused your mind and body with it. I’m a good Christian but I cheated on my wife, watch porns, and hate anyone races that is not like mine. Now, is that a Christian? Great video.

  4. With all respect Sir,

    Aikido is a great martial art, not the best one. Martial arts are equal and only its proponents can differ.

    Aikido is great by offering solution for handling a situation based on evasive motion or throws without punches and kickc that even in defence could by judged differently or even end in arresting the victim of the conflict.

    Best regards Paul

  5. Civilian survivalist. I've trained more aikido than a navy s.e.a.l.. but I still have more to learn. It becomes second nature. While not my only studied martial art; it's always with me. MOKUSO!!!.

  6. I'm glad to see you qualified that with "…best for me." Each person has different gifts. For example, a person from an eastern culture where they squat or sit on the floor, like South Korea, would be more likely to excel at kicking techniques. People of a particular temperament might like the direct aggression of karate.

  7. You were lucky you are so big and heavy, but what would you do if a guy tackled you. Your techniques are only effective against very simple standing attacks. If a big guy rushed you and the momentum took you to the ground, you would not know what to do. Aikido is only effective against standing simple attacks by bad fighters. The problem is also that most aikido schools do not do grappling or teach to defend against ordinary attackers. It’s always aikido against aikido. Street fights do nit follow aikido rules.The aikido training is one person attacking and the other defending, never proper sparring. I don’t see the point of learning self défense that doesn’t deal with grappling on the ground, because if you master ground fighting, you can always take the guy down but you can’t make him stand up if you end up on the ground. Punching is ok but if the attacker is not beaten with the first punch and manages to tackle you, you are in big trouble with absolutely no techniques to deal with it.

  8. Love the guy, great face 🙂 And yes, in the normal world most people do not know how to fight (especially in a pub brawl) and what he used is sufficient of course (otherwise he would have lost).

  9. Aikido is the worst out there, it's proven completely ineffective. In MMA there are no Aikido masters, and the best fighters in the world compete in the league. I have yet to see Aikdo in any video where the flipping and rolling your opponent by one arm works in a ring or real life. They always turn to boxing.

  10. Let me tell you why Aikido or any of those BS martial arts dont work. they dont go fight speed at training. end of story. you never get hurt when you train you never hurt anybody. u just learn how to perform some shit and thats all…You gonna get hurt if you dont have street mellee experience. stop getting confident and dont attempt to use any of these out there. for the love of god you gonna get killed.

  11. Lol it might be the best for you no martial art in itself is great a person with the skills can make it great but aikido is a martial art that isn't effective against other martial arts especially once that focus on body tempering and physical prowess

  12. Hello from Mexico, I've been follow you guys for a period of time, currently I am a third degree black belt in TKD and studying American kenpo Karate, I know a little of judo and hapkido and took some lessons in aikido. Basically I am a 50 yo striker with little knowledge in aikido/hapkido, and believe me guys I really enjoy your approach to aikido, aikido is one of the most elegant and beautiful martial arts but in some cases lacks credibility cause uke helps a lot off without resisting, but well let me tell you I really like aikido cause I believe it can do the job done. Do you think I should enrole in aikido clases again and take it seriously?

  13. tbh i think best martial art is guns n strategy. Learning to fight doesnt give you superhuman powers. And you say its for self defense? Well, guns are also cool for self defense… and knives. =_= And real life is not hollywood or an anime, you are not superhuman nor other humans training dummys.

  14. I didi aikido and ki aikido…the only good thing about is (bear in mind i dont talk about the base itself in martial art techniques, but the ones you perform AFTER that) the philosophy

    Theres no best martial arts, and all have failures..the best you can do is try as much as you want, and take the one you feel more confortable with. (now efficient would be a complete different story and harder to talk about), AND add kickboxing or mma so they humble you up with some punches.

    Now seriously, dont be cocky, remember that fighting inside a ring or dojo (yes, neither) is not the same as knowing how to fight in the real world. overconfidence is dangerous.
    Remember always, that the point of a fight is to END it, so theres literally not possible to do something more efficient than avoiding it.
    (And no, no martial art can dodge a bullet or take a guy with a knife unharmed…a tbest, not dead, but "unharmed" would be pure luck)

  15. Rule 1:
    If you want to use the martial art in a fight situation you need to have some sort of full contact sparring

    People get bogged down in “this is better than that”, but if you legit want to use the martial art as defence you need to have experience in a fight situation at full speed

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