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  1. Have you ever practiced sabre fencing, tankendo, escrima, arnis, kali, or silat? The upward shomen uchi in Shodokan Aikido (Tomiki Ryu) is known as shomen ate and represents a tsuki (thrust) to underneath chin. The downward shomen uchi can be done also as either a vertical backfist, hammerfist, or finger rack to the eyes (metsubushi).

  2. In ours we use katate-dori the same way and the other hand would be katate kosa-dori 🙂

    Keep up the good work and I congratulate you for your constant deep answers when someone asks an important question!

  3. AikidoSiauliai been watching your videos for a while now, while I decided if I'm going to go back and restart Aikido training after a six break.  Before my break from it, I did wonder how effective would this actually be on the street, If the situation was that bad and the only way out was to defend myself.   how effective is it really….. 

    Lost faith in the style, whats your view as using Aikido in that type of situation as a last resort.  Although I was a  lonely "yellow belt" at the time to me it felt it was missing something but being the only martial art that I did try it was, well is difficult to place a true view.

    Thank your for posting your clearly outstanding videos, enjoying watching them all and look forward to the next one.

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