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  1. If you dont make aikido please stop speaking about watanabe sensei and generally about aikido … , this sensei have 8 dan and doing aikido with energy and harmony with big breaths with the center of the body , and watanabe sensei was ueshiba learner before many years ago .

  2. To all you haters and trolls. I've spend thousand of dollars learning Aikido and studied for years and years. I could take any oneof you down with just a stare so fk all you all. Not a one of you here has the patience to learn shit.You bunch of twiddly bean mutha fkrs.

  3. The fact that people actually pay this guy to demonstrate this nonsense makes me want to throw up. I very rarely if ever criticize martial arts videos, but this doesn't even qualify as a low level, unskilled attempt at demonstrating martial techniques. I really hope that this guy doesn't "teach" (for lack of a better word).this crap to ignorant people who seek to learn self defense; the only thing that they will gain from this is a false sense of security and a very high chance of losing their lives if they are ever unfortunate enough to find themselves thrust into a life threatening self defense situation. Sad

  4. This is a disgrace, plain and simple! I hate the fact that they call this aikido, when in fact the only thing this has in common with real aikido is the gi and hakama they are wearing!

  5. ¿Es que el aikido descerebra tanto que cuanto más alto es el grado que se alcanza uno se vuelve más loco? Esto es una pura vergüenza, una estafa propia de engañabobos, charlatanes de feria, vendedores de crecepelo. Y lo malo es que, sin tanta exageración, ocurre en la inmensa mayoría de los casos, por no decir prácticamente todos.

  6. I think I saw Watanabe Sensei performing this kind of demonstration at the Tokyo Budokan back in '92. (He is from Aikikai, not from Ki Aikido.) One thing that we could all agree on, surely, is that his ukes' timing is perfect and everyone's movements are very graceful. His uke are masters of ukemi! Someone who has refined their mind for decades does have power that most people have no idea of. However, I also studied Ki Aikido under Tohei Sensei, Osensei's most senior student. Tohei's demonstrations of Ki in Aikido were rather different to what we see here. Leading Ki is taking uke where they want to go. This appears to be controlling their Ki. But, throughout my 23 years of Ki Aikido training, there have always been more levels to uncover. My attitude towards this demonstration is that of an open minded sceptic. "That looks like it can't be real, but maybe there is more to it – what can I learn from this?" Looking at a Youtube video and actually experiencing something is completely different!

  7. I'm not a Aikido practitioner, once I went to see a demonstration by fonder,s son in Sao Paulo Brasil, I was convinced by its technics and strategy. It,s created for weak and old people to confront strong and young people. If you want to understand better, go and join one

  8. why would i want to hit a dancer? are you a dancer by chance?and anyway the guy is not trying to hit the "master" hes just running towards him with outstretched hands and believe me if you were to do that to me you would receive a swift kick in the balls if you have any

  9. Im late to ask you that but… was it painfull? I once see a guy who defended himself from a hadaka-jime with ki only. He "gave" his neck to the other guy and nothing happened; so he lost his concentration and all the power of the lock came at once. He faded out for a while… impressive and funny.

  10. Are on drugs? :)))))))
    This is not real. Aikido is not an martial art.
    Aikido has nothing to do with self defense.
    Aikido is a philosophy.
    Boxing, judo, brazilian jiu jitsu, thai boxing, mma >>>>>> Aikido any day any where.
    Get over it.

  11. This demonstration is overexageration. It is nothing more it than him moving just enough out of the way that your force is headed in the wrong direction. If i sat on the ground and you jumped me and I moved to the side you would fall down to the ground as well.

  12. Well actually i see lots of differences, and i believe this is not reall. Do you believe this is reall? For your reaction i can tell you are sensitive in this matter, well maybe you should just let other people speak, some irimi in the conversation, and then say what you believe. But instead you have an agressive response. I saw your comment below and you didnt believe it either, so, why dont you just lower your agressive level and then maybe we could talk. You must be a Dan, love to speak.

  13. tks but iam afraid that i would never ever be able to get there cause iam very poor you know and i live in viet nam
    but i can contact to u on facebook if you have and on yahoo

  14. i know aikido is affective but not that ki aikido of watanabe sensei
    koichi tohei sensei also did ki aikido but its so affective
    they are totally different

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