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  1. It's amazing how he maintains the motion and prevents anyone from getting a good grip with so many attackers. Although it wasn't as crucial for O-sensei, I'm sure that keeping everything dynamic makes things much easier. Look closely, and you see that he never freezes.

  2. Clearly you're only watching the person doing the techniques and not the person getting toss all over the place. Aikido has saved my life a lot more than the ability to hit or kick anyone. ALSO, it is exceptional effective in a street fight, if your first (and should be real instinct) is to escape. If what you're trying to do is stand there and fight then yes perhaps Wing Chun or buy a gun would be better.

  3. tokyo police is obliged to learn aikido for example, what is more northcorean special forces learn hapkido which is taekwondo+aikido, obviously focused on harming the opponent but they share the same principles

  4. Hi R aw.
    Why don`t you just walk in some Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo that the Sensei have trained in Japan at Yoshinkan Hombu or under some Hombu Sensei and do you test if Aikido is valid or not.After you can talk all you want.I can also give you the adress of my Dojo after you have defeated the Yoshinkan Aikido 1st Dojo that you visited.

  5. Aha ah you may ask that to Japanese Police that train Aikido since the 50`s.All well many Police personnel around the world,ask them if Aikido can be used or not in they line of work.

  6. you should know that before developing Aikido, Osensei was a Jujitsu practitioner for 40 years and a weight lifting champion which means for his size he was an extremely powerful man, what you see is the result of 70 years of training, I guarantee if you were there, you would have been thrown around too

  7. Funny after 20 years of Boxing, Judo Kung fu, bjj and kenpo, Aikido is the only martial art that has actually worked for me, In the army against combatives and the jackass in bars

  8. I don't take, I know that you are one of those that have spent his life teaching a fantasy, and not even are aware of it. It is better to have a sad reallity than a happy fantasy. Maybe you are still in time to accepted and even to correct it.

  9. Aikido is great and beautiful martial arts. There are many discussions is aikido effective or not. Also, there is large belief that if you do use it against other martial arts it wont work or similar. There is no good or bad martial art, there is good and bad fighter.

  10. You have to try Aikido if you wanna know for sure if it works or not. Tried it few weeks ago myself and now I can;t miss any training. This might not be as effective as your fancy martial arts, where your aim is to kill people, but with practice it can be VERY powerfull self-defensive tool.

  11. This might be a great exhibition, but deffinelty not true. People tend to belive on it, and when they try to use it against a non Aikido practitioner, they get huge disappointment and probably a broken nose.

  12. Great, timing, musubi, without power, position. Much to learn. I know several 'self-defence' master who are also try to understand his principels. I am an aikidoka, but we having a group of man of several disciplines who are talking about this. Very learnfull for everybody !!!

  13. @ateoanarkista If you think this is BS, you have no idea what you're seeing. Ueshiba was one of the greatest martial artists who ever lived. You don't have to take this from me; do some research.

  14. this man might be a real genius. i was throwing dodge balls at 2nd graders and knocking them down consistently by timing the throw and placement of the ball. i do believe a man with too much time on his hands, who can see those things can most definitely transcend what most people are used to seeing in their everyday lives so much so that it looks staged. ( i was in second grade myself. i did dodge a deer in an SUV with one hand on the wheel at 75 mph on the interstate rocking on 2 wheels. )

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