32 Replies to “#8 FAMILY in #Japanese (HAHA or OKAASAN for Mum?)┃Vocabmas”

  1. Thank you very much for vocabmas, your way of explanation is the best all over the youtube. Altrough, I have one question: How should I call my twin sister, if she was born 5 mins before me 😀

  2. 兄弟 = Siblings (for Male)… Notice the kanji for 「兄」 and 「弟」
    However, 姉妹 = Also Siblings (for Female)… It uses the kanji for 「姉」 and 「妹」
    As always thank you for the video! Misa-sensei, I have a question. How to ask someone, "How to do verb~" and "How to be Adj.~" in Japanese?

  3. This is a very useful lesson. Thanks so much for making this Vocabmas series Misa sensei. You & Yuta are the BEST Japanese teachers on YouTube! Happy New Year to you. Best wishes to you for 2019.

  4. おはようございますみさ先生、i'm wondering something, if i had 2 older brothers and they were together and for some reason i wanted to call just one of them, how should i call him without saying his name?

    by the way, great work with japanese ammo, i've meet your channel only a feel days ago and my 日本語 has improved a lot, so you can count on my support next year 😉

  5. I hope you are not sick misa-sensei, if so please get well! As always thank you for the videos, it was great learning with you in 2018, and I hope to continue learning in 2019! ♥

  6. Hi Misa, thank you for creating Vocabmas series. This videos are very helpful. I know you spend a lot a time organizing your content, editing these videos and entering the subtitles on the videos. Your passion and dedication truly shows on your videos. I started watching your videos for the last 8 months like Japanese for beginners series. I was able to learn Japanese around my crazy work schedule. My goal is to traveling all over Japan into the smaller cities and communicate to local people. My current my favorite city in Japan is Osaka. Also, thanks to your videos. I was able to meet local people with limited Japanese, now I made two friends in Osaka which we are communicating on LINE (thank you for your messaging and texting video). If you happened to visit back to Toronto, Ontario Canada. I love to thank you in person. I greatly appreciate all the content and videos you created.

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