25 Replies to “How to use a Bo Staff like Morgan (Walking Dead) – Combat Bo Strikes”

  1. Morgan doesn't use a Bo, he uses a Jo, and Bojutsu is entirely different from Jojutsu. Kata 13 and Kata 31 respectively cannot be performed effectively with a Bo for instance.
    Morgan uses the lesser practiced Kata 7 variant, which can be practiced by both Jo and Bo users, but it is most effective for Jo users.

  2. Zombies do not feel pain, so you have to inapacitate them. So you can do all the flashy cool moves you see in shaplin kungfu (also because zombies are stupid so carefree strikes are viable)

  3. Dude your form is perfect. Your training shows. It may look easy to someone who has never tried it before, but as soon as an amateur picks up a staff he's going to see just how much more skilled you are. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I had been looking for a while for someone to make a video like this

  4. I really like your down to earth way of explaining things. it's clean and simple to understand. I really consider buying your DVD course about Bo staff training. Keep up the good work!

  5. Good tutorial. You have some valid points. If I may make some points as well. When dealing with real people, if they want to block a strike with a solid weapon, that works to your advantage because any part of the body can be ruptured or broken. Filipino Martial Arts actually encourages to strike the hands which is called "Defanging the Snake" Also, an uppercut motion is actually deceptive because the human eye has difficulty seeing things coming upwards instead of side-to-side (peripheral). However, I do like the concept of using a staff as a weapon because it's an all purpose weapon that can be adjusted, customized and adapted to the many forms of staff/cudgel martial arts of the world. Awesome Video!

  6. At the end of that TWD episode you see Morgan infront of a lake, in the sunset practicing some moves… Could you make a tutorial on those moves? They look pretty sweet.

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