43 Replies to “Pimp VS Karate Expert”

  1. there are a number of strikes in karate like this one that have probably never been captured on film in a real fight, but have a lot of applications and can ruin your day much more than a punch. People make fun of a "karate chop" but there are certain karate chops that can easily take anyone down in one shot if done properly. And if you disagree let someone take a thin lead pipe and smash you in the throat with in.

  2. This was a karate chop at the back of the neck just above the ear. Slightly behind. That area is full of nerves. We practice this. Side of hand or hammer type strike. Any part of the arm. Like hitting you with a tree branch or log. The force is incredible. Will put anyone out.

  3. First of all the pimp brought this on himself and a well deserved ass kicking for being a shit head of a person. However putting my opinion aside. In a court of law or the district attorney leveling charges, it all comes down to the instructors perception. If he felt he was in reasonable or imminent danger of being attacked then he is justified. He did only what he had to in order to stop the threat, he did not exceed force with additional action on the scum bag.

  4. I thought under law you can only use reasonable force when arresting someone, he did not commit a citizens arrest and tried to knock him out, not reasonable force, surely this is an assault

  5. I have not seen that kind of strike, when someone is standing in their stance with their presumably strong arm back, and they strike with the forward arm (I don't know terminology).  What is the thinking here?  Surprise because you don't expect him to strike with that hand?  I would think he could generate more power with a full blow with his right hand (but what do I know).

  6. I think Jay done the right thing as the pimp moved inside Jay's space and was clearly going to attack Jay and well done Jay and I would have moved first also and asked questions afterwards.

  7. People get a grip of course the Pimp would of attacked any fool could see that, it's called a preemptive strike , knock em out before they knock yup the fuck out! This is the US how did he know he wasn't carrying knife or gun! If you noticed he had control some people would of gone nuts and started kicking the guy when he was down also. This guy knows what he doing Trust me!

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