25 Replies to “Real Aikido 101 tehniques”

  1. in the street or in a real fight your opponent is not gonna help you so can do your technics nice and smooth, aikido just does not really works in real life and i know what i am talking about

  2. Hmmm, lets see.. How to critique without sounding rude.. VERY VERY nice techniques but kinda unrealistic.. 1st of all those guys are a bit too cooperative after their initial strike as if they cant do anything else after the defensive guy touches them. Secondly hes kinda too stiff in the legs. Hes not moving enough.. In Aikido your supposed to be moving the whole time.. And #3 Seems as if hes struggling to carry out the techniques. In Aikido its supposed to be a smooth transition. At least thats how I was taught. Just saying..

  3. looks cool but the bad guys are just sitting there while the good guy dancing around them. id like to see some real use of this with someone crazy who is attacking on the streets, like real life =/

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