30 Replies to “China White Girl – Original Song”

  1. Your look here reminds me so much of Japan and getting lost into my blissful thoughts while sitting by the lake underneath the cherry blossom trees. Thank you for this <3

  2. This is so beautiful, I love your voice so much, very happy that I came across your channel! Could you do a cover of Jealous Sea by Meg Myers? I would absolutely love to hear your rendition of it!

  3. this is absolutely perfect in every way!!!!! I’ve been a big fan of urs 4 awhile but I’m surprised at how much this amazed me!!!! I rarely comment but seriously this is absolutely beautiful – please continue with the original songs!!!

  4. My apologies Ivy. I decided to check out your Instagram after work today, just to see you, your man and your babies etc and noticed your post about your struggles. So I deleted my last comment about the song being about mental health issues. Did not mean to seem insensitive or disrespectful. I was simply relating it to my own life experience. All the best

  5. Oh and too add.. very neat to see an original. Not sure I saw another one in your feed. And the spontaneity of the writing and immediately recording is also cool. Was nice to see this after work today

  6. Glad to see you back! I'd love to read attached lyrics in the description, but 1st make sure you get a copyright of this original. Ivy this is great & whatever the circumstances are, use it to push through & continue writing. Looking forward to hearing more music from You! Take care doll 🤗

  7. the moment i’ve been waiting for years. it was definitely more than anything i ever expected you could come up with. and that’s why you are so amazing. and so shocking everytime i click. SUCH A BIG FAN IF YOU COULDN’T TELL!!! love your art 🕊💕

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