7 Replies to “Mastery By George Leonard (Book Review)”

  1. Hola! I just read this book and posted about it in the Simple Programmer member forum.

    I had a similar reaction as you did to the book, but I really appreciated Leonard's description of common pitfalls on the way to mastery: the Dabbler, the Obsessive, and the Hacker.
    I've been all three of these at different points in my life, and reading about them helped me plant some red flags in my psyche that help me from drifting off course when I start to meander from the path of mastery.

  2. Appreciate your book review, but doing this why you are walking is not beneficial for us…the background noise is annoying and also your voice tonality goes up and down…You are on a rush and the quality of your speech is not as good as usually

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