33 Replies to “MMA Experts Breakdown Hajime No Ippo • How Realistic is Hajime No Ippo?”

  1. You actually watched the shitty dubbed version?? wtf, you arent even looking at the series with the original language. Nobody thinks this series is realistic btw, it is a good series of entertainment and some cool elements. Just so you are aware you are watching the dumb'ed down version so kids can watch it.

  2. Who the fuck put this video here.. so clear that hajime no ippo is just an anime. They put unrealistic scenes there to make it more intense and dramatic. So we can feel the pressure. The are just fucking anime. Not human.

  3. The Modern martial artist channel (which is a boxing channel) did a short breakdown of the techniques used on Hajime no ippo and explains the boxers that used them in real life. Great channel, highly recommend!

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