20 Replies to “Positive Thinking – The Key To Thinking Positive”

  1. According to the Meyers Briggs personality test I am an "Architect"…I am more attracted to the truth than to compassion… I am not positive and always look to justify why. People cannot stand this and I have zero support system. So I could very well benefit from a radical switch and commit to a positive thinking process…Thank you for all the tips

  2. I really doubt on positive thoughts that will tempt me to do things Very much impossible Or very risky. Sometimes getting scared is good. Like when you drive a vehicle, it keeps you alert. But yeah being as positive as you can be, will help to solve a lot of issues

  3. Hey Leo!!! – i want to share my inspirational story with everyone here including yourself…..for the last 27 years my wife's illness had got worse over time and i had to bring my own 3 children up on my own ever since they were in their nappies (Diapers as you say in the USA), as well as look after my wife…..i had a very successful medical job which i had to give up in 2005 to look after the family. I had read books by Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn which put me in a positive thinking mode so i started a Legal Services business from home in order to replace my income lost from the medical job and within 3 years the business became a multi million pound national success…… and now i run a successful property company. Moral of the story – you never know what is round the corner and todays calamity could trigger tomorrows success so NEVER lose hope and let positive thinking drive you to the success you deserve.
    Please check out some videos i have done from my million pound house i bought with the success i had. I wish everyone even greater success than i have had….Peace to all 🙂

  4. Woua !! I'm gonna do that exercise for sure ! I would like to write more but I'm not good to express myself in english even if I understand pretty well. Anyway thanks a lot, it's gonna help me with my little problems ^^

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