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  1. For your info, Langkasuka was peninsular Malay kingdom/empire, later fall slowly and Srivijaya the Sumatra kingdom/empire taking over, Srivijaya fall to Majapahit, the last heir of Srivijaya going exile to peninsular and establish new kingdom called Melaka and rival Majapahit until Majapahit lost and fall to Melaka. Majapahit forced to truce with Melaka by royal marriage because there is another new small kingdom arising rivaling them further south called Demak. Majapahit never be a great empire, not like what Indonesian nationalist claim. Melaka was the greatest of Malay empire, even though not all kingdoms are under Melaka rule, but they all pay tribute to Melaka. This is what Indonesian nationalists never want to admit.

  2. Correction, Majapahit was the second last empire, the first one was Langkasuka (approx 300-900 AD), the second Srivijaya (approx 600 AD-1200 AD) and the last one was Melaka (approx 1262 (latest official date)-1511 AD)…Majapahit was in between Srivijaya and Melaka, having war with Melaka, Majapahit lost and fall to Melaka, that's why Indonesian natioalists always have a grudge against Malaysians up to today…don't believe in what the Indonesian nationalists propaganda say and the wikipedia that contaminated by them

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