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  1. Not saying this is wrong. I just would rather not have the force of impact absorbed by the knuckle of my thumb. Like using a pistol, the back strap should rest in the crotch of the thumb and index directing recoil into the much more stabe arm. But different strokes…

  2. There are different grips for different techniques, to say nothing of the differences between different schools. This is just one of them. The best grip is the one that best suits your technique, the exercise you're performing, what (and by who) you've been taught, and the weight and balance of your sword.

  3. 'In spite of what you morons think this is how you hold a katana' and there was me thinking the heels of the hands should be on the back of the sword to help ensure correct tenouchi while cutting and to ensure the sword stops in the correct position. I must now run and tell my 8th dan hanshi Iai teacher in Japan that for the last 60 years he has been holding his sword wrong, thank you for your enlightening words!

  4. I've done some basic kendo in the past, and it now occurs to me that I have been swinging my real sword wrong all along because of that. Which is funny, because I still consider myself a fairly decent cutter

  5. "everybody" wants to be a critic.. everybody wants to prove you wrong even when you're right. and all that does is cause a web of confusion. so i am right there with you on that.

  6. Make sure your right hand index finger is up against the tsuba so that any hit to the tsuba (guard) will make you want to let go of th- oh. Hang on. Yeah. Don't do what this ninjer says or shows. It's a load of toss.

  7. Really? C'mon Howcast! You guys used to upload awesome videos of stuff we never truly needed but was always good to know. Such as how to do a great office prank, how to chill a soda in 2 minutes, or how to take a good picture.

    When the hell will I ever use this?! I mean, I understand a katana is dangerous but odds are…I won't be using it anyways.

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