11 Replies to “Ivan Farneti – Glory Kickboxing | London Real”

  1. Thanks for all the great videos Brian! My personal favorites being:
    Graham Hancock
    Rupert Sheldrake
    Kelly Starrett
    Ido Portal

    I would like to highly recommend Anthony Moo A.K.A "Mooji". He is a spiritual teacher who travels all around the world and has tons of youtube content. Again thank you for spreading such positivity.

  2. Boxing is more than just blood and knockouts. If you can't appreciate the technicalities of Boxing and struggle to see past the shock and violence aspect of MMA and Kickboxing then for sure watch them instead but i don't see why MMA & Kickboxing fans feel the need to have a dig at Boxing whenever an opportunity presents itself. 

    I would love to see you get someone like Tris Dixon on the show. Just so that you can understand Boxing for what it is and therefore respect it more. You may still not like it, if Knockouts and blood is the appeal for you then that is fine but digging out Boxing because knockouts and blood aren't important is ridiculous. 

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