26 Replies to “Muay Thai vs Jeet Kune Do sparring – Meetup”

  1. the muay thai fighter is good, i liked what i saw for such a big dude, flawless. disapponted in the JKD fighter, No Footwork, No Stand Up Defense, really Nothing. jkd is an art of self expression, after dude kicked him in the head, what do you think he wanted to do to him ? the ability to do it is JKD. DUDE NEEDS MORE TRAINING IN THIS ART OF JEET KUNE DO

  2. STOP IT DUDE. people who say this never studied the fighting aspect of JKD. yes its not a style. but whoever wishes to study this art will develope there own way of doint it. THUS making it your own STYLE. this dude doesnt have the footwork training, blocking training or striking training to compete against such a good muay thai fighter. NO Slips or Parries, HELL where are his kicks no SAVATE. the arts used to make JKD effective were not shown here

  3. that's not JKD,people always put up videos of guys of claim that they're JKD,but they're not JKD,boxing is the foundation of real JKD,this practitioner has no knowledge of boxing and is just doing the oblique kick

  4. Lol isn't that what everyone does for every martial art or system? Anyway this was a JKD practitioner. Too bad he lacked every concept possible, which is what JKD is all about. tisk tisk

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