37 Replies to “Bruce Lee VS Pro Fighters: “He could beat us all, We had no chance””

  1. look I love bruce lee and I m the bigest fan. i gru up whit bruce lee image …but please don' t say that bruce lee would have beat anyone.. that is not true ..because me to I had to come to terms that bruce lee never been in a official fight. ….sorry bruce if said this thinks but unfortunately is the reality

  2. Hot dang. So many dumb dumbs think that 1970s Bruce Lee compete with today's MMA fighters. Cool…and 1927s Babe Ruth would be one of the best baseball players in MLB today. The logic is sound.

    With his 1970s level of skill, he would likely be run through by any decent amateur grappler that could eat/dodge a punch to get a takedown or a modern Muay . This is not because Bruce Lee wasn't skilled, but because combat has evolved so much since he was around. MMA is the modern spiritual successor of Jeet Kune Do, where various fighting styles have been tried and tested and the most effective skills from each are blended together to create a more complete fighter.

    Also, regarding tournament fighters, this James DeMile guy is talking about point fighters. You're crazy if you think that taking away rules would make a modern-day MMA fighter less dangerous in a fight.

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  4. I think Some elite legends of mma could beat Bruce in their own sport of mma especially the ones substatially bigger, but in a street fight trying to injure or even kill, i would bet on Bruce.

  5. Bruce Lee, is not god! He will lose some fight! Bruce Lee, was the best in his days! But just said bruce lee, is alive right now in his prime time! If he fight some fighter in the ufc or mma, he will lost some fight!

  6. The chances of a street fighter being in as good or better shape than a pro fighter is so minute. Unless we're talking about the few engaged in underground bare knuckle no rules fighting. Who do train and condition themselves for full contact… Most would gas out in 2 minutes… There are things that can only be learned in the ring. Street fights usually take place with one or both heavily intoxicated.

  7. With all honesty in a UFC fight Bruce would probably loose… In a street fight… Bruce would probably win… Eg… With ground submission.. Bruces logic was to bite to get out a submission… because he saw a fight as life or death.

  8. I always thought that no matter how good you are there is always someone better. It doesn't mate that you haven't met them they may be out there and not mix in your circles for various reasons. They may be better just on the day you meet, everyone has an off day. But to declare that you are the best at anything is a boast and you have no way to prove it conclusively, unless you involve the whole world.

  9. Check this out just because bruce was small doesnt mean he cant whoop heavyweights dont understand some people logic listen its always comes down to who the man is it dont always come down to the physical aspect maybe but you gotta understand its all about the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight true fact i mean i understand that people will be like he bigger he going win heheheh no it dont always work like that sometimes you can be fucking with the wrong person and they will fuck u up regardless of physical appearance

  10. I believe he is an overrated man. I have clueless how good this guy was but if you apply physiology, his body does not support that much power. He can throw lightning kicks it's a fact but it will not generate lots of force. That's why I'm not convinced by Bruce Lee. The Brazilian kick has the most power. I consider his kick just like a taekwondo, fast but lite. The real problem here is the fans. They insist that Bruce can beat anyone. For me, mma fighters could be more dangerous if they do street fight. The rules keep them from killing each other. I'm not a physician and a fighter, I just want to clarify that, but I treat my opinion being well said.

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