12 Replies to “Samurai Sword Techniques : Samurai 8 Direction Movement”

  1. I hate to say it but I agree with many of you. The Expert Village has so not so "expert" people making instructional videos, making those martial arts or the people demonstrating them look and seem goofy as hell. What kind of movement was this from this man. I cannot believe he is a teacher, I'm shocked if he is. I'm shocked he has on a black belt. I'm not poking fun but after over 20 years of studying several different fighting styles this is not quality instruction.

  2. once again 'not so' expertvillage gets its shockingly wrong, bit of a typo going on 'showman'??? it's actually 'shomen' dumbasses!!! and this wouldn't teach anyone anything!!! pointless video…

  3. You're the rookie.
    You NEVER use a real sword in a dojo, unless you're either demonstrating, or in a competition.

    You're ESPECIALLY not supposed to use a real sword against another pupil during training. That's why bokkens were adopted into the dojo.

  4. all you have is what people called…the text book techniques. all those don't apply in real situation. the slashes that you showed were not quite correct to be frank. I have no intention to put you down my friend. i merely want to share.

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