8th Dan Aikido Master takes down Huge Grappler 2 hand grab MoroteDori

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  1. Here's not shown more than the principle itself: the way tori (in this case the sensei) is aligning his centre (hara) with his hands and feet while getting out the line of the attack, then not fighting against the force vectors but redirect them against the uke. Besides this is what one would call a static way to perform a technique (which is harder than the dynamic way). One would not observe every detail if this would've been done in a dynamic way; this is for educational purpose.
    Here's a possible context when someone would hold one of your hands with both their hands: they just hold you in order for someone else to hit you.
    Thank you.

  2. So, let me get this straight… the Aikido Master tells the Grappler how to stand and how to grab him, then he throws him… I'm calling bullshido on this. How about they actually grapple, then let's see what happens. I'm betting the Aikido Master ends up getting his ass beat… but that's just me…

  3. In the five years of learning Aikido at Two Circles, attending 3 weekend seminars by Pat Hendricks and one by Stephen Toyoda.

    All I'll say to the doubters is doubt is good, doubt is healthy. I doubt not the potency of the principles un-noticed by many.. Aikido is an Esoteric art which actually, for me is what Christ was the original Aikidoka 🔥🙏 metaphysically of course.. funny that Aikido has pi hidden away, and is classed as light, which totals to the same value as Jesus, using gematria and the septinary cipher. It's undeniable. Whether it was intended to be so by design, who knows 🤷‍♂️

    Pi Sees 🧐 phonetics

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  5. the idiot that keeps falling down claims to be a BJJ black belt. I've never seen him roll with another blackbelt, which is weird. where did you get your black belt, Dan? who gave it to you? I hope a blackbelt runs into this guy one day and smacks the shit outta him. I smell bullshit.

  6. HERE IS LIVE AIKIDO/TMA/Systema Techniques vs MMA BJJ Fighters, some wrestlers, football player etc. @ Watch be4 talking smack you people that have NEVER EVER been in Pro fights like me or real multiple opponent or weapons fights like me

  7. To those who comment about Aikido working or not working, this is an exercise called Morote Dori Kokyu Ho, which is a training drill to help develop aiki skill, It is not a take down technique in itself, but if you study the principles behind it you will be able to apply them to any form of combat. Train hard always and thanks for sharing Dan. MP

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