Advanced Aikido Ukemi: Breakfall Tutorial – NEW!

Assistance: Toshihito Saotome
at Koryukai Meishinkan Dojo, Chiba

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  1. Fantastic tuition, many thanks. I’ve not done ukemi like that before but see the logic in absorbing the initial impact and follow-on body slam via your “dead” arm. Thank you, I’ll try it out next training day.

  2. I really like your explanations! I started aikido some months ago but I still have some difficulties with my basic ukemis. I try to practice at home but I only have a small mattress and I do not have tatami in my house. It's difficult for me to send the command to my body to perform a certain action and for it to comply with it. But I believe it's a matter of practice 🙂 Thank you for your videos! You have a new subscriber from Argentina 🙂

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