Advanced Aikido Ukemi: Ushiro Otoshi Tutorial

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  1. J'aime beaucoup votre travail!!!!! Grâce à tous vos éducatifs, je suis enfin sur la bonne voie pour réaliser les tobi ukemi, mon prochain challenge sera l'ushiro otoshi. Encore merci pour ces précieux conseils et j'espère un jour avoir la chance de vous rencontrer sur le tatami.

  2. Really very good stuff, unfortunately it is only useful to show off but nothing more. First, this is not ukemi, why? Because there is no reception of any technique by Aite (Uke) part. This is an example of just an acrobatic or "stylized" drop, executed only by Aite alone in response to nothing/no technique at all, so there is no reception and thus no ukemi. When Tori (Nage) enters in Irimi Isoku for real, a well-trained Tori will never allow you to do this kind of maneuver since it will not provide you with the minimum opening to execute it. This is because Tori in true Irimi will never let you go. By entering in Irimi Isoku the only thing an Aite would gain from trying to execute this maneuver is a broken back
    simply because the head is going in one direction and the rest of the body in the opposite direction, which leaves Aite's lower back uncovered. No matter how agile Aite may be, if Tori executes Irimi correctly the body will whip the ground. Of course it works very well as the video shows it, with an accommodating Tori just guiding without actually doing nothing.

    "Receiving" in Aikido IS NOT synonymous with "falling". There are no "falls" in Aikido, there are ukemi and ukemi is the most practical and effective way to meet Tori. How? What are the basic exercises that are practiced in Aikido over and over again? What is essential in each class to NOT injure yourself? You have to focus on the basics and delve into it (Kihon Waza), because everything you need is in the basics for real practice. No offense intended.

  3. The objective here is not to fall on your back but to roll so the pressure of the fall transforms into forward motion. I agree the risk of injury is high if it is not performed properly. Better to hit the ground with the higher part of the back underneath the shoulders where there is more muscle. But that would work better with a backward roll or keeping the feet on the ground

  4. this is so pointless I don't know where to begin. These techniques are not being performed properly! each one of these moves are being practiced correctly, even brilliantly by foreign martial artists and even jujitsu experts in japan itself. Brainwashing! Brainwashing Is what does this!

  5. Yoshinkan version is much better, AIKIKAI is too soft so this type of hiaku ukemi wouldnt help you enough in our style :). It looks very nice but in stronger techniques like in Yoshinkan you couldnt stand up with this

  6. Unfortunately, as great as it looks, this form of ukemi is dangerous on the lower back. I destroyed my back from successfully practicing this ukemi for two years or so (on hard tatami mats), even against the advice of an anatomy-expert. The L4-L5 joint in the spine is simply not designed to take this kind of flexibility to go from standing to lowering the hand 180 degrees to the ground. No one, and I repeat 'No One' can do this movement for a long time without damage to the lower back, and that will spell the end of their aikido career, not to mention putting a severe handicap on our normally fully functional bodies. You just have to look up average ranges of mobility in the different sections of the spine. Any anatomy book would tell you that. Yogis and gymnasts are the exception and can bend backward like that but that is done as a result of various strength training movements. And even then, no one does a serious back bend and expects someone to jump on them while they do it. You do not want to bend backward as someone is trying to put their force into your body (such as in Irimi-nage). A bent body is vulnerable, not strong. If you add a large force to a body that is already forcing itself to be vulnerable, you are only asking for a massive injury. Sorry to sound negative about a wonderful video (I admire Mihaly's ukemi skills) but I think this ukemi is beautiful but, if we want to preserve and protect our own body as well as our partner's, it is not functional in that sense.

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