Aikido | 31 Jo Kata Partner Practice

The Aiki Jo developed by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) is a method of using Japanese staff techniques to teach the principles of Aikido.

The 31 Jo Kata is a staff form that was taught by O-Sensei in Iwama. It was preserved by Saito Sensei and now forms part of of the Iwama Ryu Aikido syllabus.

The 31 Kumijo is the partner practice of the 31 count Jo kata. The Jo is the wooden staff used in Aikido. There are a total of 7 parts to the 31 Kumijo. Each of the sections can be performed separately or joined up together as shown in this video.

Below is a list of the 31 Kumijo broken down into sections:
Section 1-3 –
Section 4-6 –
Section 7-12 –
Section 13-17 –
Section 17-22 –
Section 22-27 –
Section 27-31 –
All Sections 1-31 –

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  1. Why don't you do it with to attackers, as it was made for? You show it artificially with one attacker, and therefore only cleaning the air behind your back. 😉

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