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In this video series we take a look at the book, Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere by Adele Westbrook & Oscar Ratti. What follows is a demonstration of the techniques outlined in the chapter, Immobilization number 1: Ikkyo.

One of the questions I had when I began Aikido and, one that I am sometimes asked, is what book do you recommend for someone starting out?

Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere is a masterful classic. I discovered it many years ago, and, like others, was captivated by its beautiful illustrations. The remarkable clarity and detailed content helped me develop an early appreciation for Aikido and it has continued to serve as an invaluable guide over the years. I highly recommend it for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

We decided to create this video as a tribute to this wonderful book. I really enjoyed exploring its suggested techniques and encourage others to give them a try.

Thank you to the talented authors for their wonderful work.

See you again soon

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  1. The Spirit Of Aikido Writen By The Founder's Son Was My Very First Book That I Learned About Aikido & It's Origins…

    Then I Got The Dynamic Sphere To Look Further Into It's Way Of Going About Doing Things Just To See What I Would Get Out Of The Practice In It…

    Now We Get To See Aikido Live With It's Motion Of Fluidity In Movement Ending With It's Techniques, I Can Honestly Say That This Is A Very Beautiful System In Harmony, Energy & It's Way….

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