Aikido Breathing Exercises : Aikido Key Breathing Techniques

Aikido key breathing includes both meditative and combat breathing. Get advice on proper breathing techniques with tips from a martial arts expert in this free aikido breathing exercise video.

Expert: Cliff Derdeyn
Bio: Cliff Derdeyn has been involved in Japanese internal and martial arts for 26 years. He has studied sword work under Japanese sword master, Tetsuzan Kuroda.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA



  1. A little confused, when you breathe out you breathe out through your mouth, do you breathe in through your navel reducing it every time or breathe out through your mouth and in through your navel.

  2. Ther are two kind of KI or Chi Breathing.1-is the "budism way".2 is the "Taoieest way" and you did not do that in any true way….PLZ dont talk about things that  you dont know enough about it

  3. If you do it into a darth vader mask and say luke i am your father does it still work?lol im just kidding i take this very seriously thank you for these videos they have really helped me.

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