Aikido – BUDO seminar highlights in Netherlands – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido Volume 1
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Flowing, dynamic, innovative and beautiful aikido style!!
[Shirakawa Ryuji] VOD release!
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Aikido Shinburenseijuku
Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido Volume 1

English ver.
French ver.

For you who want to learn a strong but beautiful martial art.

For you who want to explore how to move and execute techniques with a supple body.

The first DVD of Ryuji Shirakawa, a popular aikido instructor with over 110,000 Facebook followers.

A series of DVD by shihan Ryuji Shirakawa, an aikido teacher who has gained international attention thank to his splendid and dynamic techniques.

In this, first volume, focusing on the idea that “thorough study of the basics creates endless techniques” shihan Shirakawa presents a broad spectrum of possible movements and techniques. Also, he introduces a way to practice ukemi by cultivating your body’s awareness and sensitivity to your opponent’s force.

★Teaching/supervision: Ryuji Shirakawa, 6th dan Aikikai
As part of Japan’s delegation in the 2013 World Combat Games, he demonstrated his amazing techniques to numerous fans of aikido. Currently, in addition to being the head of a dojo in Japan’s Tohoku area, he is traveling extensively abroad: about twenty-five percent of his time is spent in over 10 countries from which he receives invitations to teach.

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Shirakawa Ryuji sensei biography

Ryuji Shirakawa

Interview with Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan

◆Interview with Aikido Ryuji Shirakawa (English)

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  1. As always impressive! I am missing posts on instagram, will sort that. As in any self defense, there has to be a deep abiding love to be the best, your love shines Ryuji, good to see.

  2. Че они у него все сразу валятся от малейшего нажима?! Как буд то их руку стальными тисками сжали и крутят.
    Выглядит красиво, но этоже поддавки

  3. 合気道って、投げるんじゃなくて相手が自分から動くんですね。関節を決められるから自分から決められた方向に動いてそれを解かないと壊れる。

  4. The science and physics behind Aikido is just mind boggling. The spiral energy is so dynamic. I taught Human Ergonomics at U.P.S. for our safety program. Lots of box’s, and conveyor belts, platforms,ladders and machinery. Proper handling of equipment and packages. Proper safety etiquette, procedures and practice. We achieved 5 years of No Injuries. Most in the history of U.P.S. I owe it all to my study of Martial Arts and Aikido. How the body does work at it optimum performance and how it DOSNT work in achieving optimum performance. But I’ve used my martial art in every aspect of my life. From washing dishes at home. ( Horse Stance) to standing in line someplace ( Cat Stance) . And in most physical labor I do. I was thinking last night, how when I was a small printing press operator. When printing Letter Head paper it would come package in reams of 500 sheets. Some where wrap with heavy paper. You get ten reams of 500 per Box’s. To unwrap the reams I would hold it like a board and punch the ream to break the wrapping to open it. Good old reverse punch. Use both hands. Practice in all stance. Use different hand strikes. I’ve worked in a lot of different industries and business. It’s amazing how many ways. You can use your martial art in your life. OSS.

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