Aikido Drills #1 Upper Defense against Straight Punch

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Aikido Drills is a video series by Aikido Zenbukai, of basic and fundamental exercises and training drills for beginners in aikido practice.

The essence of Aikido techniques is the harmonization of energy through spherical motion around a stable energized center, where practitioners learn how to blend with the attacks from one or multiple opponents, redirecting the attacker’s energy into a point of non-resistance, and controlling aggression without inflicting injury.

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  1. Excelente, me gusta mucho el Aikido. Solo, que a veces falta técnica, velocidad y potencia en los tsuki del atacante. Sería interesante practicar la defensa frente a un ataque con el ímpetu de un karateca. Saludos!

  2. Thank you sir for the explanation and the meaning of the words. I like the way you goes step by step that's master. Thank you and don't change the way you explain Aikido.

  3. This is what I love about martial art. It is the breaking down of the technique. Slow is fast. Everything I do is based on that philosophy. I play guitar as well. And that is how you learn a song. One note at a time. One chord at a time. And eventually it all comes together as a beautiful melody. Music and Martial Arts. I even do training to music. Some styles use drum beats. One step at a time. Ich,Ni,San,Shi, Go. I’ve say that in everything I do. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. It’s my mantra of focus. Love it. Nice how he broke it down and explain the fundamentals. Basics. You can’t go Eclectic unless you have basics. OUS!!!

  4. believe me! i live in sumbawa (indonesia) where in many occassion 'criminals' will attack you anytime in soltitude. my brother is an aikido expert with dan 3 black belt. i'm no aikido practicioner and have no interest to learn it since i got wrist injury when i learn it for the 1st time from my uncle (he is the founder of subsidiary aikido organisation in my country) he is the grand master and a teacher to my brother.
    i don't understand to be honest those who master this aikido martial arts NEVER EVER seems 'hesitate' 'doubtful' 'anxious' ever since they are in bad situation. i saw my brother take down 5 armed men with machate with bare hand without punching them, no magic trick they just got serious wrist injury and dislocated arm just like i experience, some unconscious, he (my brother) was very fast.. i was wondering the basic principle/fundamental of aikido to my uncle. he said the founder of aikido morihei ueshiba was a samurai.. so the basic principle of aikido is to use your hands as 'swords'. does not means you block the attack with barehand like most common martial arts, but your posture, foot steps, and moves are the keys to 'block' any attacks (moves as fast as swaying samurai's katana). most of the women in my family routes from my father learning and practicing aikido. one day they challenge me to 'lift up' her hand and i couldn't, even i can clearly see her as a 'women' (no muscular appearence)..
    i recommend you who willing to learn martial arts, this is the best adjustment to any level of age!
    but for me personally i got traumatized, although my uncle fix it immediately after the injury, but i say no to my self 😂😂
    but seriously this aikido is a badass! 👍👍👍

  5. Big respect to you Sensei. I am an Aikido practitioner, but I hate this video. I am also a boxer and have huge issues with the number of steps required to foil this simplest and most direct of attacks. Why so many steps? This why the art has begun to lag. Why not simply bend at the waist, like Joe Frazier? Why not bend at the knees like Mike Tyson? You can then execute atemi and do whatever comes next.

  6. Morihei Ueshiba said that Aikido is not a fighting method…that it is not martial techniques… Now it seems that the spiritual nature of the art and the harmony of energy is being lost in this modern era.
    If you want to learn to fight, study Aiki Jujutsu in one of its' many styles.
    If you want to practice harmony and peace, study Aikido.

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