Aikido experience: So what is it?

I experienced an aikido class for the first time!
Here Masahiro Shioda, grandson of aikido legend Gozo Shioda taught me that it’s different to other martial arts. It is not about strength but it’s more about deflecting opponents using the mind.

A big thank you to WOW! Japan Experience+ for letting me partake in their class.
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  1. My first foreigner, my brother and my friend from Oregon, was learning aikido about fourty years ago. Aikido is very Japanese, as you know. Most of the foreigners know judo or karate, but except for native Japanese it is hard to understand aikido sometimes. Many thanks for sharing quite interesting Japanese video.

  2. I underestimated this Aikido until I (184cm,68kg,bodybuilder) was lessoned in March in front of a supermarket.There was a brawl concerning a trolley with an about 40 year old woman with thick ugly specs,physically much weaker than me.Since she only was 150 cm, she was an easy push and I pressed her 2 meters back and downwards
    with my hands on her shoulders,then my right fist in her left cheek. Then she enclosed my right wrist, a short aching,she went aside and I tumbled to the ground on the back,and that in my full black leathers. On the ground, I realised a sprain in my right arm making it useless for further combat. The specs lady saw my surprise and stretched from right to left over my chest, snatching for my left arm poising it in an awkward and helpless position I never saw before. I was completely under shock and could no longer move none of my four limbs. I flushed and even fainted.I only remember some passers by in the audience saying "Look at the arm of that lady,look at the arm of that girl,you ever saw this before?".After some minutes,we were finally seperated by the security and the specs lady said:"Guess you never exspected a dwarf to know the Judo,hunny hulk".But I doubt now whether it is allowed to apply Aikido in public.

  3. See!!! Another Smashing great video!!! And Oooh My Gawd😍Erica❣️❣️She is sooo stunningly Beautiful at 4:19 seconds💗👸🏻💗Her facial expressions made me smile From Ear To Ear!!! The camera 🎥 person did a wonderful job in getting what was being shown in the classroom & Also getting Erica in the footage!! Great job 💗 Thank you Erica ❣️❣️

  4. don't think what you learned in this class is actually applicable in real life. No one that really wants to hurt you is going to play with you. If you really want to learn how to defend yourself do a martial art that actually has some real sparring, One with striking would be best for a smaller person like you. Also defending yourself has a lot to do with physical fitness. I'm pretty sure the most useful thing you could have learned from this class is how to fall properly.

  5. You could hypothesize anything, but in general in a bar, chairs flying. Pushed against a wall or pool table.smashed on the floor or the usual flailing fists at your face. This stuff does not work.

  6. I`m hvery happy AIKIDO exist for traditional purpose but i`m not very happy with people teaching AIKIDO with purpose of self defense or giving people false hope of using this in a fight it will damage the practitioner more than it will save them becuz it have no real fight training added into the system like example MMA BJJ OR MUAY THAI

  7. This is nice. I have practiced Aikido for sometime and would like to practice it in Japan at least once. Do you know if there are any scholarships or something for people who are interested in practicing Aikido? I am also learning Japanese so it would be twice as interesting! Nice video Erica, I hadn't seen you before, I'll check to see what other stuff you have ; )

  8. Shioda-sensei is super cute. If you didn’t have a boyfriend already I would say go for it lol 😂
    Beyond that, cool video! All those flips and falls must be hard on the body.

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