Aikido Extensions with Bruce Bookman | Course Overview

An overview of Aikido Extensions, by Bruce Bookman. Learn more about our new course and watch sample videos here:



  1. Very nice course, i bought it and we will use it in future times in our Dojo to deal some modern confrontations. But we will do this on top , first we do all classic Aikido things after that we will add the extensions from Bruce.

  2. Great stuff. Every dojo should be teaching like this – in fact, for a rounded 'fighter' that can effectively use their methods in a variety of contextual situations, being trained in Akido (weapons/joint control), Judo (throws) and BJJ (or JJ in the old days) is a good way to go. There is an argument that Aikido, on it's own, isn't enough to produce a competent fighter and that resistance based platforms (such as judo, bjj or even boxing) are needed before it can 'click'.

  3. a boxer trusts more his eyes – aikido and wing tsun the forward going arms.
    What should a weak person do ? trust your space feeling arms not your eyes.
    Go forward – one contact – finish!

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