Aikido fighting scenes

The action scenes of this video are extracted from the internships that I lead in my Dojo and internationally, the techniques presented here are part of the exclusive and representative program of our school which is associated with teaching methods and practice adapted to the needs of each and everyone



  1. Excellent job with his flow but uke really have to stop throwing themselves around for the teacher. We all know that isn't reality. Nice that he's working against punches though.

  2. I like how you guys dispensed with the hakama. You seem to be doing a lot more aiki-jujitsu movements, which I think is at the core of making this very practical.

  3. I want to share information with this Sensei so bad right now! I studied/practiced Tomiki Ryu Aikido under my Sensei, Merritt Stevens. I was a member of the Japanese/American Aikido Association, and dropped out when they tried to make it an Olympic sport . Because they wanted bigger circles (those that are real know what I am talking about) and wanted to make it flashy and take away from the realism of the art it's self. How can we contact one another? I saw the same pic of Morihei Ueshiba/Ueshiba Morihei in your video that my Sensei had in every session. I am going to go out on a limb here and hope I don't get spammed by nonsense, but I can be found at My friend, we need to find a way to get together or talk and compare notes. With all respect. "When I say I love you, I have said it all."

  4. That's some amazing and fluide movements, I'm impressed. Didn't think Aikido was this amazing. That's a job amazingly done ^^

    Keep it up and good luck for the future 🙂

  5. If Saito Morihiro sensei was alive to see this demonstration. In martial art , there is the ‘art’ word ! To be an artist isn’t so simple. The demonstration is just something fabulous. Great work.

  6. باسم الله ما شاء الله
    حفظك الله يا شيخنا
    عند اول فرصة ستتاحي لي ساكون في زيارتك ان شاء الله

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