Aikido Forward and Backward Roll from Scratch • Aikido Ukemi

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  1. Jut commenting but you don't need to argue about aikido and mma. First of aikido is a martial art of self defense not for competition. It wouldn't look right in the ufc/mma because aikido is only a self defense martial arts for the streets not in the ufc or competition!

  2. I'm a Jitsuka, what I find most interesting are the slight differences in these fundamentals which ripple throughout the rest of the style. My school occasionally borrows Aikido style forward rolls to adjust distance when re-engaging, now I'm tempted to play around with the backwards rolls as well! Thanks for the clear breakdown sensei.

  3. Excellent video! Shouldn't we maybe embrace aikido for what is instead of rejecting it for what it is not? Indeed, many performing artists are interested in it. Did you know that the person who devised "contact dance" was also inspired by aikido? I know, I know … From a self-defense point of view it is largely over-rated but the "truth" about things depends also from the way we look at them. Have you ever tried to use a screwdriver for cutting bread? Well… It is a largely over-rated tool for slicing but for inserting screws.. It is excellent: 😉

  4. This is brilliant. I do karate and I struggled with rolls for the longest time. This stuff will be super useful for explaining rolls to people just starting as well. ^_^ Ukemi is really an underrated skill set.

  5. I've been doing BJJ for 3 years and I still struggle with forward rolls. So many useful tips man. Thank you
    I always felt the best thing about aikido is not the fighting but the ability to break fall. Its Not something that's practiced enough!

  6. This is possibly the most useful technique ever… It saved my life many times… I learned them not from aikido, but the concept is the same… Everyone should learn this <3

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