Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba 1935

The Rare 1935 Asahi News Film.

Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba (植芝 盛平 Ueshiba Morihei, 14 December 1883–26 April 1969), referred to by some aikido practitioners as Ōsensei (“Great Teacher”). Ueshiba envisioned aikido not only as the synthesis of his martial training, but also an expression of his personal philosophy of universal peace and reconciliation.

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  1. After training in so many dangerous Martial Arts. That have so much aggression in them. I needed something just as effective as my other arts. But not aggressive. AIKIDO fit that just perfectly. If you are aggressive in Aikido. You all ready lost. Just lije how I love Passive Income. It’s the same as I love Aikido Passive nature of self defense. Just what I needed. Now I still train other styles along with the principals of Aikido. And I’ve been able to blend them together. Just this weekend I was working just on that. I gave it a name. Sidaiki Do. My name is Sid. SIDS Way of Harmony. I love it. I have a friend at the gym I work at. And he been working with me. And he a little amazed at what I’ve been showing him. He knows it works and very efffective in combat.

  2. To help you understand AIKID. I taught a 3 year old to throw me from Seizan. And I use the spiral energy of Aikido in the MOSH PIT OF METAL CONCERTS. At least I use to.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I had two vhs of the best footage of him. Loan them to my girlfriend son. Never to see them again. This man changed my life. I had 3 mentors in my life who I emulated. Jesus Christ,Bruce Lee,Jimi Hendrix. Now I’ve added a fourth. O’Sensei. His Spirit lives on in all of us who study Aikido.

  4. He is a great philosopher! Unfortunately time proved that aikido is another useless martial art in a real fight – street fight. These moves and practicing techniques are funny, nevertheless worthy on practicing neither watching em, since it is literally waste of time.
    RIP sensei, still a noble figure of this world!

  5. It's interesting that the majority of Aikidoka I've met, trained with or listened to still haven't read the writings of O'sensei Morihei Ueshiba and his biography. O'sensei Ueshiba himself stated that aikido is NOT for fighting but is merely for excercise. Ueshiba used Daito Ryu & Jujutsu for physical self defense. After he joined a pacifist cult he created aikido choreography which he claimed was for physical excercise only. He created aikido philosophy from his pacifist cult teachings. Aikido, according to the founder O'sensei Ueshiba, isn't a fighting/combat art. If Aikidoka wish to learn the self-defense of Morehei Ueshiba train Daito Ryu & traditional Japanese Jujutsu as Morehei Ueshiba did. The reason many westerners began Aikido was Steven Seagal's action films that showcased his own ryu of Tenshin Gakuen Bugei, which is actually a mixture Seagal shihan created from karate, Daito Ryu, jujutsu, taijutsu and the evasive footwork of aikido. He holds a shihan in Aikikai Aikido but people forget he began very young in Karate then he trained Daito Ryu, as well as many other traditional martial arts, in addition to aikido. If Aikidoka truly followed O'sensei, the founder of their school, they'd read his writings and learn the founder of aikido said it is NOT for fighting of any kind but the physical techniques & movements are for physical excercise only. Aikido is the physical excercise program for Ueshiba's pacifist Omoto Kyo sect which he propogated til his death. Aikido isn't a martial art. Martial means military. Martial art = Military art. Daito Ryu is a military art, which Ueshiba taught to officers earlier in life before renouncing violence & becoming a serious disciple & propogator of the Omoto Kyo Cult. Aikido by it's creator's own words is not a martial/military art nor fighting art. By the Ueshiba's own words it's a spiritual path of reconciliation, peace, cooperative physical excercise and way to bring people together from different cultures. The one's whom keep promoting it as a way of physical self defense never studied the founder's words. Or they did but they're con-artists trying to get paid promoting aikido as something it's not. Aikido is merely for excercise & omoto kyo spirituality. Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu is for self-defense.

  6. Beyond a certain point, Ueshiba was living in a fantasy world where his slightest touch would send a student flying. Most aikido students are living in that same fantasy world…

  7. But its always nice to see history before one's eyes. How old was he in this video. How was his health? In what stage of development of his art was he in this video?

  8. Wasn't he first a student of Daito ryu aikijutsu and then developed aikido as a peaceful art? The techniques of the Daito ryu were probably more geared for actual combat. Also one must understand the times and conditions in which an art was developed. Really only those techniques that came back from the battlefield and honed and studied would be effective. One must also understand the root of transmission and the master disciple relationship handed down. Just because one is handed a certificate or even densho doesn't mean they've recieved full transmission. Speculation is just that. Speculation

  9. I'm experiencing some serious fontrum for the fan boys on this board trying so hard to formulate a gaslight strategy that hasn't been debunked . Is that like the first or final level of Aikido training?….how to convince non cult members of it's effectiveness by 'splainin.

  10. Certainly during his military career being so accomplished a martial artist he would have studied all forms of Japanese ground arts as most infantryman did. Russo-Japanese war was savage read first hand accounts with hand to hand battles the norm, these men still carried katana, wakizashi or tanto as well as rifle w/ bayonet. Kind of makes sense a man who saw so much death would long for the nightmares to go away. Would’ve been interested in how he placed at the all Japan’s. 5th dan tournament which from my research was considered the champions tournament. Read story about high school judoka miura who choked SOKAKU sensei out as well as UESHIBA sensei on Hokkaido with no doubt an offshoot of KODOKAN Judo probably similar to Kosen style Judo.Every ju jitsu school throughout Japan thought their techn. was superior kito ryu, Takeda ryu,Tenshin Shinzo ryu the list is endless with offshoots and variations. I challenge every school had a superior athlete to rep their style. There comes a point where two men with very similar skill set meet in battle, with all variables same who succeeds? I would’ve loved to have been a uchi deshi at the original KODOKAN there was probably 5-10 thousand years of inherited martial knowledge just walking around burping and farting. All men are created equal, not all men have same amount of knowledge. Forbidden techniques like leg breaking,dislocating throws,meridian finger jabs, Kiai-jitsu, targeted biting,etc, have all come to belt systems and dojo’s with kids classes long gone are the days of shinai or bokken discipline. Saw a 16 year old kid tell a 40 something man to f**k off! my pop would’ve set me straight on the spot

  11. Ive heard rumors about his time before he went to war. He supposed to have trained in different classical schools. I even heard ninjutsu was one time part of his training. If you look carefully you'll see his sabaki (footwork) is totally different then the aikido shihans do nowadays. Ichimonji no kamae is prominent in classical ma of japan, its all about feeling "the line" and he is constantly moving in ichimonji. Forget the upper body, look at his legs to see what he actually does. There is something called "shinken" in japanese classical ma. When the sword is out its the real deal. One hás to have the capacity to translate trainingways into shinken. Then you will know if its shit you're learning or not:)

  12. 7:52 – Come on… He moves OUT of the circle of attackers BEFORE they even attack. You can SEE this – he never even stays still before they attack. But then they ALL attack to the exact spot he had moved OUT OF!?!

  13. Thanks sooo much.
    What an absolute honour n an absolute privilege to witness O Sensei share knowledge n skill when he was a young man.
    Just not worthy i am!

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