Aikido Highlights in Italy – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan



Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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◇Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido Volume 1
English and French subtitles for this video have been released.
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Flowing, dynamic, innovative and beautiful aikido style!!
[Shirakawa Ryuji] VOD release!
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【French subtitles】

Aikido Shinburenseijuku
Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido Volume 1

English ver.
French ver.
For you who want to learn a strong but beautiful martial art.

For you who want to explore how to move and execute techniques with a supple body.

The first DVD of Ryuji Shirakawa, a popular aikido instructor with over 110,000 Facebook followers.

A series of DVD by shihan Ryuji Shirakawa, an aikido teacher who has gained international attention thank to his splendid and dynamic techniques.

In this, first volume, focusing on the idea that “thorough study of the basics creates endless techniques” shihan Shirakawa presents a broad spectrum of possible movements and techniques. Also, he introduces a way to practice ukemi by cultivating your body’s awareness and sensitivity to your opponent’s force.

★Teaching/supervision: Ryuji Shirakawa, 6th dan Aikikai
As part of Japan’s delegation in the 2013 World Combat Games, he demonstrated his amazing techniques to numerous fans of aikido. Currently, in addition to being the head of a dojo in Japan’s Tohoku area, he is traveling extensively abroad: about twenty-five percent of his time is spent in over 10 countries from which he receives invitations to teach.

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Shirakawa Ryuji sensei biography

Ryuji Shirakawa
Interview with Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan

◆Interview with Aikido Ryuji Shirakawa (English)

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  1. Thanks for perfecting this art, so wonderful to watch. Definitely deadly if can be combined with other arts like Muay Thai or kickboxing. Opponent won't know what hit them.

  2. The initial attack is a bit tamed. Anyone who attacked me never just stuck their arm out at me and let me have my way with them. I get these techniques take a LOT of carefully instructed training. But watching practice only shows no more than what one sees in Kata. There’s no level of violence that comes with a real fight. Why are there no AIKIDO MMA champions?

  3. 気のせいかなぁ・・・先生は相手の力量に合わせて投げ方を変えて,怪我をさせないようにしている気がする.もしそうなら,相当の実力が無ければできない芸当である.

  4. 日本が誇るものはたくさんありますが、日本の武道もまさしく日本の誇りだと思います。日本人は武道に限らず、あらゆることに美を求めます。しかも、外面だけでなく、精神においても美しさや清らかさを求めます。日本の素晴らしさを改めて実感しました。

  5. ところどころ笑顔があったり楽しそうにやってるのがいいよね。武道って歯を見せるな、敵に隙を見せるなとか、苦しいイメージがあったけどこれは興味をそそる。外国だからというのもあるのかな。

  6. 受けが上手い人ほどきれいに投げられるから知らない人からはかえって嘘くさく見え
    連続で投げ 投げられが繰り広げられてる様は傍から見ると本当に何が起こっているのか理解できません 格闘技やスポーツのようなエンターテイメントではないですからわかりやすく見せる必要はないのでしょうが見るだけの人間には理解のハードルが高い存在ですね

  7. ホントに合気道ほど嘘臭くみえる武術はない❗

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