1. The rythm of the percussion is invading, very repetitive and not always in perfect adequation with the mouvement; that gives, for me, a boring feeling this good work doesn’t deserve. Anyway , thank you for it!

  2. Mihaly…Nice video and variations from the original Kumijo. My name is Jason and I was uchi deshi under Saito Sensei from 1976. In 1978 I was there when he started to revise the original 7 Kumijo from what was shown in Traditional Aikido Vol. 2 to the 10 Kumijo as what is know today. One point of his, for example Kumijo #1, was the mid-level thrust should be kept at your sternum/ midsection level. A mid-level thrust should be parallel to the ground and not pointed at your partners face. For the high tsuki as in uke tachi's last thrust of Kumijo #4, should point below the neck line/ at the high chest bone. Both targets are for a clean/ safe practice. If you practice clean and safe, you can up the intensity of the practice with less danger. In my decade of training in Iwama under Saito Sensei, I never experience someone getting severely injured in Bukiwaza or Taijutsu practice. Saito Sensei was very firm about these and other points for safety and passing down clean form.

  3. 男子大学生です。

  4. ad un certo punto del filmato vedremo il segretario della fiom,che, spinto dal fatto che i suoi pochi iscritti non bastano a proteggerlo, si compra dure guardie del corpo esperte in arti marziali, coi soldi nostri.scherzo.

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