1. nice moves. not keen on the strikes at the end though – they only really work when the opponent is also moving in, so should be practiced with 2 person movement to avoid bad habits

  2. Russian or English, you people are watching a beautiful art, but it sounds like y'all pay more attention to his voice then the heavenly lesson he just demonstrated. this is how we come across 2 year trained black belts, it took me 7 years to get my 1st dan black belt, and lets remember, a belt holds up your pants, nothing more.

  3. Aikido has worked for me in fights for years, but my job is to stop other people from fighting and remove problems from events. It just doesn't look or feel like the fighting people expect.

  4. Да мы сами крутые перцы))) Шучу. В Эстонии шиханов нет. Финляндия близко, ездим туда на семинары, в Европу также. Чаще всего к Тиссье. Только вчера с его семинара приехали.

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