Aikido – Let's improve your UKEMI!Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido Volume 1
English and French subtitles for this video have been released.
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Flowing, dynamic, innovative and beautiful aikido style!!
[Shirakawa Ryuji] VOD release!
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Aikido Shinburenseijuku
Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido Volume 1

English ver.
French ver.

Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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For you who want to learn a strong but beautiful martial art.

For you who want to explore how to move and execute techniques with a supple body.

The first DVD of Ryuji Shirakawa, a popular aikido instructor with over 110,000 Facebook followers.

A series of DVD by shihan Ryuji Shirakawa, an aikido teacher who has gained international attention thank to his splendid and dynamic techniques.

In this, first volume, focusing on the idea that “thorough study of the basics creates endless techniques” shihan Shirakawa presents a broad spectrum of possible movements and techniques. Also, he introduces a way to practice ukemi by cultivating your body’s awareness and sensitivity to your opponent’s force.

★Teaching/supervision: Ryuji Shirakawa, 6th dan Aikikai
As part of Japan’s delegation in the 2013 World Combat Games, he demonstrated his amazing techniques to numerous fans of aikido. Currently, in addition to being the head of a dojo in Japan’s Tohoku area, he is traveling extensively abroad: about twenty-five percent of his time is spent in over 10 countries from which he receives invitations to teach.

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Shirakawa Ryuji sensei biography

Ryuji Shirakawa
Interview with Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan

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  1. その通りです!!受けた衝撃、影響によって、自分はどうするか?!どう対処するのか?!ですね!人生も同じ"教訓"があり発見できますよね❢❢

  2. Long time ago. 30 years ago I checked out Aikido. And said the same negative view points I still hear today. Which is really sad. Cause I missed 20 years of training because of it. I was studying Poekalan Tjimdie and Jeet Kune Do. Very seriously. And I said Aikido isn’t a good enough workout for me. (DUMB STATEMENT). Years later I decide to really check it out. I’m in great shape, and have 3 other Black Belts. Thought I’d just cruise in and jump right in it. WRONG. This stuff is technical, precise, and very structured. I was so wrong. Just learning the basic is a very good workout. Getting down to the mat. And getting up from the mat, will wear your butt out. Aikido is more mental than anything. You must be correct in your Movements. Centered, balanced, and proper alignment of body, mind, spirit. Not something you learn over night. Just being Uke is a workout in itself. I paint houses. Especially Interiors. And I use the Principles of Aikido to do my job. I’m on the floor-doing base boards. And have a 8 ft Painting pole with a 18” roller for ceilings. It’s all Aikido. Painting is Aikido.😂😂😂😂.

  3. Hey Shinburenseijuku – video is nice, but why not show us more how to learn these ukemis. Your DVDs are not available on so please weather you show us more on youtube or at least you let us buy your DVDs. Be water my friend.

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