Aikido Made Easy For the Street: 6 Joint locks

In this video MAUA Executive Director & Founder AJ Weimer demonstrates on assistant instructor Joey Johnson 6 modernized Aikido locks used with a JMT (Joint Manipulation Table) approach.


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Lock 1: Nikyo
Lock 2: Sankyo
Lock 3: Ikkyo
Lock 4: Gokyo
Lock 5: Kotegaeshi
Lock 6: Shihonage

In traditional Aikido, the basic teachings of these locks are learned as follows:
– Ikkyo
– Nikyo
– Sankyo
– Yonkyo
– Gokyo
– Shiho Nage
– Kote Gaeshi

Our TFC JuJitsu program modernized these teachings into the construct of 6 fundamental locks that can be applied in a variety of ways as the video demonstrates. The JMT then allows the 6 locks to be trained effectively challenging the student to train each lock differently through repetition and drills.

AJ Weimer – holds rank as a 5th Degree in All-Japan Submission Fighting, Master Instructor Level in Filipino Martial Arts, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Budokai Aikido and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in SIAF Aikido, a 2nd Degree in Submission Arts Wrestling under Mike Martelle and founder Hidetaka Aso with the All Japan Joint Technique Federation, and a 1st Degree Black Belt in Pankration under the Hellenic Ministry of Sport in Athens, Greece. In 2004, Kaicho AJ Weimer was recognized by the late O-Sensei Porter as founder of the self-defense system Total Fighting Concepts, also known as TFC JuJitsu.
Music used in the video:
“Immortalized” by Disturbed

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  2. Nice neat demonstration if the basic locks. Can I ask why you changed the order from Aikido teaching, do you find them easier to teach in the way or are they in order of effectiveness

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