Aikido Master Morihei Ueshiba: "Highlights of "Takemusu Aiki" (1952-1958)

From 1942 to 1955, Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba spent most of his time in his country home with attached dojo in Iwama, Ibaragi Preference. During and immediately after the war, he had for the first time in years the opportunity to devote himself to personal training and meditation. It was in this isolated village, far from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, that Morihei formulated the concept of “Takemusu Aiki.” This was an expression an ideal of the highest level of aikido where techniques perfectly suited to the situation are born spontaneously. In these highlights from films from this era, you will see the Founder’s aikido at its finest.

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  1. Aikido works until the practitioner gets punched in the face by a boxer or kicked to the head by a Muay Thai practitioner. Aikido may also work until the practitioner is taken down by a wrestler and ground-and-pounded or submitted by someone who knows BJJ.

  2. Don't mean to disrespect but seems highly impractical when this whole martial art seems to be based on fighting opponents that try to give you a handshake rather than kicking or punching

  3. He seems like an amazing human but these attackers are under a spell cast by his strength of personality. I would like to try and distill the essence of these techniques into something useable today though still.

  4. I have already practiced aikido and I know that this level of form will not be reached today. In addition, an aikido practitioner cannot fight if he only practices aikido, as he has no idea what it means to be kicked or punched in real combat.

  5. also this is it in real time,

    Morihei Ueshiba in his prime was untouchable, he had mastered his physical movements by mastering his mental. Sure at this point he's very old and his students are not very well trained or masters of anything so they may be going easy or may just not be a challenge for him, but you have to think he was very old he ended up dying of cancer. I read 2 men would have to carry him to the mats and once he got to the mats he would become very alert and still was nearly untouchable. Read up on him there are many accounts of essentially miracles he performed, dodging bullets, several police men he was training or demonstrating to one day said they all piled up on him he was soft as silk and then all of a sudden he flung them all off they said he became like stone in an instant.

  6. These are just show motion demonstrations people. This isn't the actual form during a fight. Get real. I know everyone likes to make fun of all martial arts and ride the Gracie Jiu Jitsu dick train, but there are other forms out there that will work just fine against 95 percent of the population. And this technique is one that instead of attaching you are constantly defending and basically redirecting the attackers OWN force and trajectory to turn it around on him and use his own body weight against him by grabbing and applying pressure on joints that make him submit, fall, it be forced to break a joint or a bone. Just because it seems silly in a demo doesn't mean it doesn't work. This is just to show you the idea of it. Much like Judo that is similar in reversing the attackers again and strength against him instead of exerting your strength on him. You use his energy and redirect the energy around you. Everyone internet black belt is on this videos disrespecting other people's martial art just because they watched 2 or 3 episodes of the UFC and just because they learned the words ArmBar and Rear Naked Choke now they're all professionals. Gtfoh and die respect to something that would hurt badly about 95 percent of you out there.

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