1. Looking at O’Sensei doing his dance,reminds me of how I learned 31 Jo Kata in my bedroom with just my hands. Been working on Aikido for 10 years. But never really learned the 31 Jo Kata. Was getting ready to get back in class Jan 2021. Then Covid Hit. And I was stuck at home. So just started working the pattern. Wasn’t easy to learn on my own. But finally was able to finish at 31 in the same spot I started. But it was a very weird feeling just doing it with empty hands. Then take it outside with a Jo. And wow. Just so intriguing and beautiful.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful old film. I began Aikido in 1957 as a UK student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, I am proud to have two of my diploma's signed by Osensei Ueshiba and my Shihan signed by his grandson Moriteru Ueshiba. Henry Ellis – Co-author of ` British Aikido History `.

  3. Уважение и 🙏 за мудрые слова мастера, с возрастом физическая сила уходит но развитие духовно энергетического состояния открывает новые возможности.

  4. The power of love? Then why use a fighting style? Its a martial art not meant to be used to fight. What does that mean? I really think the guy who started aikido had a screw loose. Why he now has so many followers is very strange. Why does someone take aikido? Its not meant for fighting, yet all the training is about defending against an opponent who doesnt fight back. Its like a kind of fantasy or something. How is conflict eliminated by throwing people around? Its like an acrobatic thing that noone can explain in any sensible way. Its like a cult with people smiling and saying things that make no sense.

  5. Oh wow!
    I'm not worthy!
    The greatest martial artist of alllll times….O Sensei himself. The philosophy at the heart of his aikido art is simply peerless. No other art I know of puts Love, peace n universe in the same sentence. Thank you so much O Sensei.💗

  6. O Sensei Murehi Ueshiba! Such passionate man! Man who love unity and refuse to carry the burden that comes with harming a man a living thing with feelings. I today was at the dojo in which every other practioner trains. I asked a Tae Kwon Do guy how to block kicks. He showed me but also told me that Aikido is useless. Aikido is not useless tool. It is viewed incorrectly. It is merely a blue print and Ideal how a diskussion should be held or a conversation to had. Nobody is getting seriously hurt for the consequences of their irrational decisions. There only such a pain that shows you that you assumed wrong but that this is nothing wrong. But instead it shows you to think about yourself and maybe question your morals. It shows you that it is okay to make mistakes. It shows you that forgiveness can be learned through hard dedication and belief. Aikido fully mastered can take out a fully skilled MMA fighter, if the MMA fighter is filled with bad intentions to willingly inflict pain on him so have unrightly gain happiness from him. If there is a valid reasons that requires physicallity.

  7. Aikido saved my ass back in the day when an asshole tried to kill with a knife. Wheny couzin taught a few basics of aikido, he told me this: no matter what kind of martial arts you would have the most important technics the a master will ever teach you is to run. Run as fast as you can. But if you have no choice but o defend yourself then you should better have the presence of mind, strength, good reflex, effective technics, speed and also the guts. And also he told me that every martial artist always study their opponent's movements before making a move…

  8. Very nice chanel! I Rare video! like aikido and golf spirit! For they are 2 best sports all over the wolrd! I ll be thanks a lot if you will find a time and look two videos about Russian Joints Gym on my chanel. They are bery interesting for worm up and proprioreceptors training! Best regards! Yuri

  9. To all the people writing ''I would kill him in a street fight!'' :
    1. Why would you fight a 78 y/o man ? Would you have fought him in his prime?
    2. You do know this is just a demonstration?

  10. the ppooowaaahhhrr of loooovee.. amazing. ofc the warrior term definition is the one who brings peace and love indeed. Yes… if some one bring WAR to my house i will take of my love and spin him round round baby round round and IF i can do everything succesfully i will break his arm. Yeeaaa 😀
    IF A WARRIOR SHOWS ON MY HOUSE trying to hurt me or my kids i will gauge his eyes out hit his throat, genitals, everything i have till i stop breathing. if i want to go to the circue i may as well watch aikido. pathetic. WARRIOR means WAR. this is flamboyant dancing.

    I weight 103kg, NEVER trained in my life gym etc, never studied martial arts only some time to learn some basics and do them right (5 months) and when i went into an aikido gym i "sparred" with them there… it all ended with no one being able to move me and their excuse was i wouldnt go hard on you not to harm you. BUT i managed to expose them into some elbows and kicks. and i am a pile of fat. it was EMBARACING!

  11. hahahahha what the fuck is this shit ? "how do we develop ourselves and the great universe universe through aikido" biggest fucking joke ever

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