Aikido Practice: A Healing Therapy w/ Guillermo Gomez

Zendoka shares a perspective on Aikido practice as a healing therapy is much needed in today’s world. The purpose of Aikido training is the harmonization of the self with others and the world. Through purification breathing exercises and dynamic meditation or martial technique (budo) the path becomes clear – we must join our energies for a positive and exponential effect in the world.

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  1. Hi Sensei! Domo arigatou… 🙏 what’s your name and your dojo’s… where is it? Blessing from Italy 🇮🇹 P.S.: any chance to have you here?

  2. Thank you Sensei, wonderful! You have caused me to be far more conscious of my breathing not just for Aikido but in everything I do. It has made a difference. I feel better balanced as a result, steadier, more alert. Thank you.

  3. Amazing 🤩 WOW thx 🙏I’ve studied Krav Maga extensively mma and everything like I’ve been studying in martial arts for 30 years I’m 38 now and this is mind blowing

  4. sensei can u recommend some healing aikido therapy for me?i got post traumatic stress issues.its bad enough i also got anger issues..also the reason i quit aikido

  5. Wow I love your approach of Aikido! I wish this was more integreted in our practice. Thanks for sharing. Domo… from France. 🙂 ps : love O Sensei's quote at the end. Never read this one before.

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