Aikido solo training with "wooden partner" (mobility, grabbing, tai sabaki, simple techniques)

Some experimental aikido solo practice (without partner). The piece of wood can be used to improve your mobility, grip, tai sabaki, timing… you can even do some basic techniques with it.

0:03 Arm mobility
0:29 Different grips
1:52 Tai sabaki
2:31 Simple entrances
3:34 Different attacks and some basic techniques

The wooden partner is just a piece of wood – on the video you can see a short one made of axe handle (it is long as my forearm plus 5-10 cm) and the long one is pickaxe handle (it has bigger reach and momentum).

This is a exploration in progress – try it and let us know how it worked.

The video is done by Martin Švihla (5th dan Aikikai) from Aikido Prague Vinohrady

Original inspiration was from this video with Tada Hiroshi Shihan



  1. During the isolation of COVID-19 I saw many attempts, here I see an innovative approach. Not a few meters on the carpet, not jo / bokken, but something bold, interesting and inspiring. Bravo.

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