Aikido – Special physical and balance solo training by SHIRAKAWA RYUJI shihan

Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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Shirakawa Ryuji Shihan – aikikai 6th dan, Aikido Techniques

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  1. Beautiful, inspiring video! Thank you.

    I just shared it on my Grab My Wrist — Aikido page on Facebook, along with the following notes, which might help someone here, too:


    – Warm up for at least 5 minutes beforehand. Go for a short walk, march in place, etc. Get your muscles warm and blood flowing.

    – When he shows something you can't do at all (like back flips, cartwheels on your elbows, etc.), just keep doing the previous exercise – one you could do.

    – When he shows something that just more than you can do, do the closest thing you can. Can't do that many push-ups? Hold a plank with good form. Can't do a backbend? Do a standing stretch reaching up and back, stretching your front side.

    – Do something for the whole workout. Don't just stand there waiting for the next easy thing to come along.

    Note that his video only shows "the good stuff," and not having to get from one position to the next – he's just suddenly doing the next thing. So be ready to pause the video, or skip the first set/reps. Be patient with yourself – you won't be able to keep up with the snappy, edited video.

  2. 格闘家とコラボしてもポンポン投げられるわけだ・・・

  3. Thank you so much for posting this video.
    I just started Aikido lessons and it only happens once a week. I have no one to train with at home or anywhere else. My 8 yr old son and husband do it too, but my sons bones are still forming in his wrist and other places in his body, so many moves I cannot do with him. My husband is too tired when he get home from work so I only have myself… This video has given me the lift of hope I need and the positive mindset that I can go on with this alone at home and improve.
    Thank you once again. ❤️🙏🙏

  4. Can I be your agood friend? 36years passed I have two japanese friend Came to thai land we worked together 36 yrs ago Istill miss them until now aday ,-

  5. Hi! Shirakawa i am Hmong I likestyle martialart. Aikido very much can you please teaching more slowly steps by step for our old people can folow you to learn Ok !? Please.

  6. 3:11 動画を見ながらこれならボクでもできそうだと思ってやってみたらメチャメチャきつかったです・・・。

  7. リュウジさん、直接お会いして学生になっていただけたら嬉しいです。いつかブラジルに来て、この素晴らしい芸術について少し教えてください。

  8. Hello Maese from Spain Huelva, i'm 46 year old ,a long time not practic .i wonder to know if i could to be elástic again ,i did karate and the kicks yokogeri now i am not able my question are,what do i should for recupereition,please and thank you so much.

  9. But how does one get started learning these positions and moves. Not possible to perform these exercises to their full extent from the very first time.

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