[Aikido Special] Starting Aikido

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Aikido can be hard to begin. There are many factors which can discourage even the most willing student. This video is presenting some main challenges when starting Aikido and gives advice on how to overcome them, and what to keep in mind when practicing.

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Speaker: Sensei Rokas
Music: Noxive – Home



  1. Just wanted to ask. I'm currently a seibukan shorin ryu karate practitioner and was considering aikido as a secondary art. Do you feel this is do able and would it melt well together?

  2. Aikidosiualiai pin this for people get what im saying.
    Aikido is hard to learn, they just cant learn aikido for watching a video, you need train with master.
    For all hardcore fatty-complain people who says "aikido doesn't work" i think they did tried aikido and get bullshited in the street first time, its time to learn hard people, its time to learn hard.

  3. Dear Sensei Rokas,

    Great video as usually, let me ask you something, do you think Aikido can work against a trained fighter? or is more or less designed for self defense against non fighters(person with no training)? .

    thank you

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