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In this epizode of Modernize Aikido Lab we present Daniel Theodore’s ( DanTheWolfman’s ) approach to aikido takedowns against punches.

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  1. I notice that with over extended attacks where he freezes and waits for you, you can move in and finish, it works. But, when the attacker throws combinations in less predictable ways, or pulls back realistically after a punch and makes you really defend your face, you could not get in cleanly so the moves failed. This means your entry is the problem, not the move AFTER the entry. You should try breaking up the aikido technique into 2 parts for testing. Separate the entry from the finish.

  2. wearing those gloves doesn't make the punches better. If you really want to do yourself a service work this out with a real boxer… if that's what you're aiming for then actually do it- plain and simple. Or if you're interested in clinching to knee… aren't you interested in doing something that would work against a struggling person? very natural reactions are gonna give you a tough time let alone a muay thai practitioner. It would be far more interesting of a video for you to to approach masters in striking and ask them to work with you to figure these techniques out … again otherwise what is the point of this?

  3. I'm sorry but when some one says hit me here slowly then shows off some fancy move is not real for me pmsl he knows were the punch is coming from because he told him to throw it lol

  4. Here we go again with this unrealistics aikido moves. The punches doesn't even seem real. They were with hesitation unintentional and very anticipated. show me that you can block Manny Pacquiao punch then I will join Aikido right after it I swear !

  5. There are so many other elements to training for years in boxing that make it challenging for an Aikido practitioner to best… Firstly, uppercuts are a brutal and effective tool at close range, hooks when practised for years carry concussive power, boxers have superb and efficient footwork and command of range and distance, slick head movement, a range of defensive methods (blocking, parrying, bobbing, weaving, shoulder rolling, stepping off at angles etc), cardiovascular conditioning, calmness under fire due to utilisation of full contact sparring in training (so the skills are refined in a semi-realistic context so a boxer is used to how it feels to be punched, how their style translates when tested by a game and ready sparring partner etc).

    This isn't me sniping at Aikido. I have been a lifelong fan of martial arts, Aikido is no different; I very much enjoy watching the style and the way it ebbs and flows. I have a pal who practises a combination of Aikido and Escrima (I too practice Escrima), and he admitted that whilst he sees the utility of Escrima outside of the Dojo, he sees Aikido as more so an artform, a very engaging and enjoyable form of exercise and a source of mental gymnastics. We've done some drills where he has shown me similar techniques to the one's you demonstrate here, which work beautifully when a boxer is advancing in a straight line, throwing straight shots. Most untrained fighters on the street will do exactly that, and both myself and my pal agree that training in Aikido to the point at which you are proficient will dismantle your average layperson on the street, as most individuals do not come from a martial arts or self defence background. However, we also both found that were I to use the array of technical assets that I describe above, box AS I WOULD in a serious or life threatening encounter (any engagement on the street can be lethal, regardless of weapons being involved, multiple attackers etc) and throw jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts with venom and spite, then the system gets overwhelmed and falls apart. No doubt some of the best practitioners in the world would say otherwise. That's because they are one of the best practitioners in the world! But your average individual who studies Aikido would fall apart against a skilled boxer in my opinion due to the fact that these demonstrations make boxing seem more stagnant, flat footed and one dimensional than it is in reality.

    Great video though man, very interesting take!

  6. Firstly I have been studying Aikido for over 27 years. But again and again i see psuedo defense to punches where the uke's speed is not matched by the Tori. The result is not realistic. Let the attacker really throw hard combos at pace and then workout what is actually possible.

  7. All of these nonsense demonstrations advertise they work against 'real' punches, I'm yet to see one attempt to work in a real 'fight'. So called 'sparring' at the end is rigged for the grappler. 'Opponent' who is actually one of his students was told to try and box him and to only use his hands. The grappler is the only one with a victory condition, he just needs to attempt takedowns because the 'boxer' was not asked and did not attempt to resist. Where as the Aikido practitioner can ignore the punches, getting hit is not even a loss condition nor can the punches used in any way finish this 'fight'. It's just as fake as a regular demonstration and that's ignoring the conflict of interest here, he's not sparring with someone actually trying to win.

  8. Why is he still leaving his arm out there ! In order to prove something realistic u have to strike and retract punches and kicks you know to make them ACTUALLY REAL PUNCHES AND KICKS !

  9. Only way to make this real is to go to local boxing gym and pay a few boxers 500 hundred bucks each to beat you down….sign some liability forms first . Most training partners are conditioned not to hurt you.Good luck.

  10. For God's sake!
    The girly guy is extending his arm slowly and leaving it there for the guy in the gi to grab.
    No offense but: wtf?!
    A normal person's punch would take about 1/5 second to execute ( 1 meter, about 3 feet )
    A trained boxer's punch is twice as fast ( about 1/10 sec / meter ).
    An extended arm left there waiting to be grabbed situation will never happen in real life.

  11. Like, who the f'k leaves their punches hanging out there after they throw them!?!? The hands are supposed to come back to protect your head! OK son, you only get to throw 2 punches, and I'll follow-up with eight slappy moves and a trip …….. just let it happen. Unreal ROFLOL

  12. next time you try please get someone who can hold a camera steady for a minute
    and tell him/her to keep the damn heads in frame
    when you demonstrate punches to the head it would be nice to actually see the head

  13. I respect your video you are able to show the technique but remember to test it from the real sparing inside the cage or the boxing ring. Pls make some video i want to see tnx.

  14. Can anyone show me a fight where a person has the reaction time to 1) move their hand in a bigger motion than the punch they’re defending in the first place 2) dodge, block and step in the time it takes to land a jab, the fastest punch in all of boxing?
    The harder these cats try to show the efficacy of this obviously dubious fighting form the more obvious it is that only lies can be used to show aikidos effectiveness.

  15. In Japanese martial art. Every art is an answer for another art. Karate was the answer for jujisu judo the for karate aikido the to judo. Hint. In true KARATE a punch is a throw and a block is a punch a judoka has to time his throw in harmony with the karate punck. Aikido times the hand sword to redirect the flow of the judo throw. Don't except what is as is you look deeper than that if you to the ORIGINATORS. THANKS FOR THE VIDEO..👲👍👏👏👏

  16. Look, you have to punch and than wait for my takedown. Now, punch slowly, wait.. not hesitate ….wait, now I grab you and take you down. Good boy. 🙁

  17. Guy! I love your YouTube channel. I love Aikido. I love your honesty and journey. This is a wonderful video with Dan. The idea of adding a modern twist to Aikido is I believe the correct way to advance the art of Aikido. Add attacks, ground game, kicks, all that you are currently learning all based with the defense and control of Aikido. We all know there is no prefect martial art. So don't give up the art just add to it. Keep it the beautiful art.

  18. My teacher in aikido say that aikido technique are only effective/work if the enemy is became unbalanced and the best at fighting untrained person. Like it's not that ordinary people will suddenly became a mma fighter that eat punch for breakfast. But aikido probably would have a hard time fighting a trained individual

  19. GostMMA a man with an attitude. Not a helpful person. So what's different with Daniel approach as compared to your approach? You could get some pointers and work on them as I'm sure you have. Stay positive , keep up the search.

  20. Um, so you're telling me that you can move your entire upper body to deflect and do some fancy technique, in the time it takes someone to extend their arm for a punch?

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