Aikido Techniques for Street Fighting (Self Defense)

In this video MAUA Founder AJ Weimer demonstrates on JD Olsen some shoulder locks that are in both the Aikido and TFC programs. These three shoulder locks are performed on both same side as well as cross body. Besides just doing these on either same side or cross the body these shoulder locks are being shown from a street fight or street self defense aspect.

Shoulder Lock #1 – Nikyo

Shoulder Lock #2 – Shihonage

Shoulder Lock #3 – Sankyo

AJ Weimer – holds rank as a 5th Degree in All-Japan Submission Fighting, formally known as Jiu-Jitsu Submission Fighting, Master Instructor Level in Filipino Martial Arts, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Budokai Aikido and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in SIAF Aikido, a 2nd Degree in Submission Arts Wrestling under Mike Martelle and founder Hidetaka Aso with the All Japan Joint Technique Federation, and a 1st Degree Black Belt in Pankration under the Hellenic Ministry of Sport in Athens, Greece. In 2004, Kaicho AJ Weimer was recognized by the late O-Sensei Porter as founder of the self-defense system Total Fighting Concepts, also known as TFC JuJitsu.

JD Olsen – Owns and operates Keishidojo Martial Arts Unleashed in Sumter South Carolina. He has multiple Black Belts (Karate, Aikido, Total Fighting Concepts (TFC JuJitsu), All Japan Submission Fighting, Combative Weapons, Pankration, Submission Arts Wrestling, Combat Submission Wrestling (Coach Level 1), Filipino Martial Arts, and Tae Kwon Do and is currently studying the art of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Silat under Ron Balicki. Currently Keishidojo offers classes in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Filipino Martial Arts, Kids Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, STX Kickboxing, Fitness Kickboxing and Turbo Kickbox.

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  1. The second your grabbed my arm for that shoulder would of immediately started getting punched in the face…taken down and either have your face smashed in or get submitted. Aikido is a bullshit fake martial art. Be a real man and learn Jiu Jitsu, wrestling or Judo

  2. Aikido is a martial art and "can" be used for self defense. Where most Dojos, as well as tutorial videos fail when they want to apply it for self defense is the lack of practice on REAL attacks. What is practiced in Dojos and what is shown in this video is pure theory. I'd like to see these techniques implemented in a real attack situation; by an attacker that is pumped with adrenaline and comes at you with lightning fast speed throwing several punches at you per second, rather than gently stroking the shoulder. This may work in a sexual harassment situation in the workplace, but hardly in a street fight situation.

  3. This shit is so useless, nobody’s jus gon let you do that to them, plus what you gonna do when the punch you with there other arm. These techniques are only useful if you’re the flash or against a one armed opponent

  4. I think a lot of people need to realize this is a video on one specific move and is not all-encompassing. There are many aspects to a technique and I think it is pretty clear this in not how this would go down on the street. I think these guys are just trying to show a possible option if things lined up in this way.

  5. Most of these techniques I will not use in a street fight. You should teach more basic aikido techniques. I am a beginner in aikido. And so far what I was shown in my class is better than this.

  6. I've ALWAYS wanted to learn Aikido but in my area there wasn't any schools that taught it. Now that I suffer from Stage 4 Inoperable Double Lung Cancer I fear that my window has closed on actually learning Aikido due to My lungs and Me getting winded to easily.

  7. Its a sweet martial art, because the opponents are sweet. There many moves in mauy Thai that get you in a clinch is possible to trap one arm and knee him into the face. But its the hardest thing to do. I have trained on this but i Just can't do it in a fight.
    Every mauy Thai guy learned it and it can't be done against your own level.

  8. Never assume that all perpetrators would stay still long enough to apply this kind of hold; assuming that every perpetrator would have a low tolerance for pain; assuming that all perpetrators would have the speed of reflexes.

  9. Techniques are only effective against inexperience fighters but ineffective against experienced fighters.  The reason being that experience fighters would not set themselves to such a "rookie" position.  That's just a fact.

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