[Aikido Techniques] Simple Aikido Techniques

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Many Aikido techniques are quite confusing and difficult to master, let alone – introduce to someone else. These are three different Aikido techniques in a simple manner, that can be introduced to anyone in 8 minutes to know how Aikido techniques look and feel.

What other techniques you would like us to cover? Let us know in the comments.

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Editing: Danguole Garškaitė
Instructor: RokasLeo
Uke: Egidijus Martišauskis
Camera: Eduardas Girjotas

Dodzo is a full time Dojo focusing on self-development through Aikido and Yoga. The Dojo is run by Sensei Rokas Leonavicius.



  1. ive enjoyed several of you other vids, the loss of aikido popularity, the cost of mma, and also the negative influence of seagal. They were all very thoughtful and i enjoyed them. with this kind of video, it is frustrating to hear a lot of details that are not specific to the technique itself. i think you provide good content, and i believe you would find it useful to prepare if not an exactl script before filming, then at least a list of points that you want to make, so that you can streamline what you want to say and keep the momentum moving. you seem like a very positive person and i thank you for your work and wish you all the best,

  2. Hey! I've watched some of your "brief history" videos, and really liked them. For videos such as this, explaining a technique, I recomend that you make it a little bit shorter and more dynamic, that would be perfect. Also, I have a question, I know that you are teaching de basics of kotegaeshi, sankyo and nikkyo, but in sankyo in particular it just seemed like a strange stance to begin the technique, why would you do sankyo on someone who is shaking your hand? I started practicing Aikido a few months ago, and I'm curious about that. Thanks for the good video!

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