Aikido That Works – Self Defense Aikido

Many people say that Aikido doesn’t work and it’s not true. It’s only that many Aikido techniques are only principles that should be connected together in a different way. Here is the answer on how to use Aikido as a self-defense method.

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Instructor: Rokas Sensei
Editor: Danguole Garskaite
Uke: Eduardas Girjotas



  1. I know karate in aikido for seven years it’s hard but it takes time and effort you have to be patient years of training you have to be strong I hope one day you’ll learn a martial arts that fits u

  2. Could you do a series based on Aikido techniques used in the John Wick movies? Also what moves could work against guns and knives? Last thing lests look at wrist locks from guard and top side position on the ground. I want like 10 good moves to drill into muscle memory.

  3. There are more realistic aiki-styles which are less "spiritual and spacy" but more realistic/effective like Yoseikan Aikido or Yoseikan Aikijujutsu with as basic Daito Ryu aikijujutsu, but incorperate also effective techniques from Karate, kickboxing ,grabbling, Judo, kobudo, Jiu jutsu. It is also the main difference between DO and JUTSU.

  4. I know that you've got into MMA recently but you have a huge knowledge of the Aikido for sure after your 13 years of practicing it. I really like this video, as it shows actually some realistic situations and movements. I'm just wondering, maybe you could make a new playlist, where you would be putting videos of modified Aikido techniques for self defense? The thing is, Aikido is a "soft" martial arts without hitting and kicking, and I'm sure such modified techniques would be great for self defense against untrained, wasted opponent who isn't that dangerous but very annoying. It is very common situation I guess, where someone may be walking on the street at the evening and some drunk guy, with not much of a speed nor balance is following you, trying to push you etc, but punching him or kicking, would actually make you seem more as an attacker than him. I really would like to learn such techniques or at least get to know them overall for example to train with sparing partner on training, because I belive that every martial art has its limits and we should develope in different directions to move forward with our skills, but Aikido in a modified version for self defense would be a great thing for those who are avoiding dangerous places and/or situations and are most likely to simply meet such drunk, wobbly idiot, so it would be a quick and not agressive way of dealing with such person if he would try to attack. I guess such videos like on channel Jujitsu101 with one technique explained per video, step by step, would get very popular and you could gain a lot of positive attention showing a honest, effective Aikido techniques modified up to self defense standarts, that can be used on a common, untrained Joe that had a few beers and you don't want to hit him. Especially people from countries with laws that "protect criminals" would appreciate such thing, because CCTV won't show always everything, and attorneys do their best to such idiot turn out to be a victim of "an agressive, Muay Thai trained specialist whom knocked him out cold". Just my two cents, but I see you as most honest Aikido-related person to whom I can turn with such proposition and who has balls big enough to make such "realistic self defense Aikido" series, instead of proving everyone some "bullshido" 🙂 Just remember to slap on a warning that this is only an instructional video and should be done in controlled situation on a training, because lets be honest, everything shown on this one should be practiced with sparing partner on a training.
    Best regards and good luck in your martial arts journey!

  5. Hi everyone, I am a black belt III dan of karate and after 19 years of shotokan I started and practiced aikido for 5 years. For my experience as a personal defense it works. Perhaps it is a matter of who teaches… But all those who claim that it is ridiculous and ineffective, how many hours of aikido have they practiced in their lives?

  6. personally I recommend the ancient art of gun-fu. ka-rifle is an excellent ranged style and shotgun-do is a decent hybrid but gun-fu really excels in the street situation.

  7. AikidoSiuliai I think you finally are solving at least part of the problem. I am not an Aikido practicioner but I use Aikido principles. I am combining Aikido with Jun Fan Gung Fu (Bruce Lee Gung Fu)… First I close the distance and use Wing Chun, after that I could apply Aikido principles. I don't wait for the attack, I anticipate and/or intercept the attack.

  8. Nice video! I personally would throw a big strike in there so the opponent doesn't resist the technique so much. Also I wouldn't dare try this if the opponent is an experienced grappler but should do well against a pure striker.

  9. If your not there when the punch arrives that’s a good martial art-if you see trouble and you avoid the danger even better!how many black belts do we all know who have been beaten up after going out for the night.realistic training would be having a couple of pints of beer then 3 guys going for you simultaneously no time for grappling . also anyone approaching me with a knife under my scenario use the leg it to hear your responses.please don’t respond if you haven’t been beat up because you haven’t been tested under real world conditions.

  10. I have been doing Martial Arts for 30 years, both Striking and Grappling styles, you need both to be an effective fighter. Aikido is so specific on one aspect, that it limits itself. Any Aikido practitioner fighting a well trained Kick Boxer, Muay Thai fighter or Karate fighter will be in for a rude awakening. None of these styles leave the arms out exposed for you to grab hold of, they snap their kicks and punches back at high speed.They also know how to manage distance. Aikido will work against someone who isnt trained, but wont work against someone who is. The trouble Aikido now has is all other Martial Arts have evolved since the UFC and MMA appeared, Karate and Kick Boxing now do some Grabbling and Ground work, as does Muay Thai, No gi BJJ has evolved to be more effective in street and MMA situations to counter and nullify strikes, as well as having some form of striking to combine with the grappling. Aikido has stood still for too long. If you want to learn an effective martial arts system that works, then you have lots of other options to choose from other than Aikido. If you want to just get fit, do some exercise, have fun and meditate then maybe choose Aikido.

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